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January 31st, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Primordial – Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand

Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand
Metal Blade Records
ETA March/April

What they’re saying:
In an interview with Hungary’s Rockinform, frontman AA Nemtheanga said of the new record in December:

“It’s called Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand and will be done and dusted hopefully by the end of the year. It sounds epic and massive but also definitely darker than To The Nameless Dead. Time moves slowly in Primordial land.”

Thrash Hits verdict:
Primordial are a band very much in form- both their last two records The Gathering Wilderness and To The Nameless Dead were astounding, and if they can come anywhere close to matching that they will produce another essential record. Expect those trademark excellent riffs, a AA’s trademark haunting vocals and the unmistakable Celtic atmosphere that infuses everything Primordial do. Given how dark To The Nameless Dead was in places (see the video below for evidence) Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand must be truly bleak if this record is even darker.

In a year without too many black metal heavyweights penciling in album releases, Primordial are very much the one to watch. It might be sixteen years since Imrama, but there have been absolutely no signs of their immense creativity slipping at any point. We don’t expect that to change now.

Guitar solo potential:

Watch Primordial playing ‘Gallows Hymn’ at Wacken:


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