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January 23rd, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Rhapsody Of Fire – From Chaos To Eternity

Rhapsody Of Fire
From Chaos To Eternity
Nuclear Blast
ETA Spring 2011

What they’re saying:
A statement on the band’s website in December read:

“Described by the band as the natural evolution of the monumental chartbreaker of 2010 The Frozen Tears Of Angels, the new album will represent an important goal in the history of Rhapsody Of Fire, as it will be the last one based on the fantasy saga started in 1997 with the debut album Legendary Tales.”

Thrash Hits verdict:
If heroism distilled into the form of epic symphonic metal about elves and dragons so camp it makes Alan Carr bellow, “Steady now!” is your thing, Rhapsody Of Fire in peak form are the absolute pinnacle. While last album The Frozen Tears Of Angels was perhaps not the best of which they are capable, it still showcased some fine work, and the last album before their legal-issue-induced hiatus Triumph Or Agony was a masterpiece.

If they plan to close out the saga they have so far spent 8 albums across 14 years working on, you imagine they will want to go out on a high. It also begs one question: after so long on one saga, and given the 3 years they spent in limbo, could From Chaos To Eternity not only mark the end of the legendary tale, but the end for the band? We strongly hope not!

Guitar solo potential:
7/6 (bonus point for keyboard solos!)

Watch the video to ‘Sea of Fate’ from The Frozen Tears Of Angels here:


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