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January 29th, 2011

2011 Album Preview: Wormrot – Dirge

Wormrot promo photo Thrash Hits

Earache Records
ETA May 2011

What they’re saying:
Back at the start of January, Metal Injection reported a statement made by Wormrot frontman, Arif Rot, on the progress of the Singapore grind outfit’s second album:

“We are definitely stoked to get this album out. We are working extra hard on this one. Extra fucking harder than Abuse. We are currently in the rehearsal studio still writing songs and making some minor adjustments and what not. If you are digging Abuse and also from our latest split with I Abhor, then [you] might dig the new album. We’ll be in the studio for Dirge first week of January. New year with a new dosage of grind!”

The band have also confirmed a May release date for Dirge, which is nicely timed for just after their next visit stateside – Wormrot not only have a spot at the Scion Rock Fest, but well as a US tour booked for March/April that takes in SxSW along the way.

Listen to ‘Manipulation’ from Wormrot’s forthcoming new album, Dirge:

Thrash Hits verdict:
Wormrot caught us by surprise when they emerged back towards the start of 2010. Not only did they nail 23 coffin-nail tough splinters of hard grind for their debut, Abuse, but they more than¬†capably¬†brought the venom live when we saw them headline the Old Blue Last back in May. With solid six months of international touring under their belt, the band, their unique take on the tenets of grind will only have been sharpened. If Pig Destroyer don’t get round to finally releasing something new this year, then Dirge might very well be the slice of grind we’re looking forward to most in ’11

Guitar Solo Potential: