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January 25th, 2011

Album: Black Spiders – Sons Of The North

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The Black Spiders
Sons Of The North
Dark Riders
07 February 2011

by Sammy Sasparilla

There comes a time in your life when it all just clicks. You’ve been doing something for as long as you can remember but up ‘til now your previous attempts lacked that uncertain something. That time has come for one man and his band. Pete “Spider” Spiby is that man and Black Spiders is his band. Sons Of The North is proof.

While Spiby reached a healthy level of notoriety in the 90s with the masterful Groop Dogdrill, his trucker-capped, plaid-shirted adventure in Future eX Wife was not quite so fruitful. Black Spiders however come equipped with the songs to sing along to, the image to imitate and the dirty rock ‘n’ roll ethos that is so bloody attractive. And shitloads of swearing.

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Talking of blood, the imagery in ‘Blood Of The Kings’ is magnificent. With a howled refrain of, “Blood on the rocks / Blood on my hands / Bloodied and broken,” Black Spiders know exactly what they’re doing. That is exactly the kind of shit rock fans think about all day. Right? Blood! Danger! Hands! Right! It’s edgy and it’s gnarly and it’s backed up with the kind of awesome dirty Southern metal riffs that will get those imaginarily bloodied hands playing air guitar at your desk. This is what this band will do to you.

‘Kiss Tried To Kill Me’ actually sounds like a Kiss song as it reels off American town after American town around a chorus repetitive enough to lodge in your brain after one close listen. Despite the protestations of some publications, the American tilt to this song – and indeed the whole record – means it can never be quintessentially English but I can bet you some English people fucking love this record.

Along with the consistently rousing riffs, it’s that repetition that really makes these songs. You’ll know the title to opening song, ‘Stay Down’ without reading the tracklisting. Just listen to the chorus one time. Same with the desperate-sounding ‘Just Like A Woman’ and the sinister ‘St Peter’. It makes it very easy to memorise every word. A simple process it might be but if you’re the type to dwell on the things that Black Spiders are not, you’ll be moaning that this music is not rocket science but I bet you some rocket scientists fucking love this record as well. Probably some English ones, so fuck you.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is to thrown all caution to the wind, swear a bit, drink some whiskey and get down with the Black fucking Spiders – Scotch if you like, but bourbon’s best.


Sounds like: Led Zeppelin, KISS, AC/DC
Top tracks: Man’s Ruin, Kiss Tried To Kill Me, Just Like A Woman
Guitar solo rating: 4/6

Black Spiders – Sons Of The North tracklisting
Stay Down
Kiss Tried To Kill Me
Just Like A Woman
Easy Peasy
Blood Of The Kings
St. Peter
Mans Ruin
Medusas Eyes
Si, El Diablo
What Goods A Rock Without A Roll



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