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January 24th, 2011

Future Hits 072: Pettybone

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From: London, UK
Lazy equation: (Girls + Politics) x Hardcore x Camden

Thrash Hits verdict: Four ladies from Camden with a shared passion for hardcore and politics. They’re the kind of band that goes on tour in either Israel and Camden. We love that.

Describe what the revolt sounds like in 3 words.
Zel [drums and instigation] – Relentless, tempestuous and electrifying.
Amy [vocals and conscientiousness] – Emotional, Romantic, Rebellious.
Ivona [guitar and inspiration] – Rage du Peuple.
Lianna [bass and salaciousness aka Beast of Bass] – Son de révolte.

How did you meet?
Ivona: I had an idea about the band so I chased the girls. I knew Zel because we have a mutual friend and we hung out at the Underworld quite a lot. I met Amy at the squat on Holloway through a friend and I emailed Lianna about the band and we met through her friend.
Amy – I met Lianna at a gig that we both played at with our other bands (Hang the Bastard and Hello Bastards, respectively) and I was introduced to Ivona through a friend of mine.

What made you want to start a band?
Ivona – Not being in a band is like being dead inside. I need to express myself and vent my anger and discontent otherwise I would be self-destructive. It’s a kind of self-therapy. Also, I found most of the current bands uninspiring with nothing to say but a lot to sell and I feel an urgency to change this.
Zel – To be honest I was a bit skeptical as I’ve been in all-girl bands before and they can be quite contrived. As soon as I met the other girls, though, the vibe was great and I’m really proud to be a part of the Pettybone movement.
Amy – I was a bit unsure at the beginning to do an all-girl band but from the first rehearsal I realised that there was the potential do something really creative with awesome people.
Lianna – As soon as Ivona contacted me with this idea I was into it. I’ve always wanted to be in an all-girl band as a lot of my influences are drawn from the Riot Girl scene and when I met the rest of them and we started jamming… I knew we were on to something. Ivona did good!

Where did the name come from?
Ivona – I re-read the bible of the punk rock Get in the Van with Black Flag and Pettibon’s images really struck me because they are kind of shocking and provocative. My brother is a painter and I play guitar. We were obsessed with the art and it helped us to get through some shit so Pettybone represents that bound we once had. It’s quite personal and difficult to explain. In the end I changed Pettibon to Pettybone to differentiate from the artist.

Pettybone – From Desperate Times

What are your musical influences?
Ivona – Born Against, Drive Like Jehu, Babes in Toyland, Sleater-kinney, and my friends Kurt and Jimbob.
Lianna – My biggest influence will always be David Bowie. He changed the way I thought about music and the way you can approach it… He is ground breaking no one can ever touch him. I think bass playing wise by biggest influences will always be Geezer Butler.
Amy – I’m into bands such as His Hero is Gone, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and early 90s screamo.
Zel – For drumming I love passionate and expressive hard-hitters. My dad was a drummer and probably my biggest influence – from the age of about six I was taken to various pubs and venues and apparently would just sit transfixed, staring as he played drums.

So far, what has been the best thing about being in Pettybone?
Zel – Creating awesome music with integrity and meaning with a group of people that I love and respect.
Amy – The best thing is to be able to make amazing music with kick ass girls, who are so creative, have don’t-give-fuck attitudes and are fun to be around. Having a testosterone-free zone also helps.
Ivona – Being yourself. No expectations and nobody telling you what/how you should or shouldn’t do/behave which so liberating. Also we’re trying to be creative and write a lot.
Lianna – Creating with the best musicians I know.

With which band would your dream tour be?
Amy – Without a doubt, Morrissey!
Zel – Someone like Propaghandi would be cool.
Ivona – Queens of the Stone Age or PJ Harvey.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
Amy – I don’t really like the idea of being anchored to a particular scene and I love the fact that we play with many different styles of bands.
Zel – As far as modern bands go I would say intense live bands who carry a message such as Cancer Bats, The Gossip, Gallows, Fucked Up.
Ivona – The bands that were trying to make a change through their music: Bikini Kill, Spitboy, Refused, Harum Scarum.

What’s the best or funniest show you’ve played?
Zel – The squat party for our demo release on Sept 11th. Sound problems didn’t stop the party kicking off!
Amy – The best show was probably the first show we played in London. We were all nervous and no one knew us or what kind of music we play, but once we started playing, it all just clicked and it was great. The funniest was when we played at the squat where we rehearse, it was also our demo release show. The sound was bad but people – and even a dog – went nuts in the end.

How did you get Kurt Ballou to work on your album?
Ivona – I know Kurt for a while and he’s the man for the job so I asked him.
Lianna – Kurt is the man… It has always been one of my dreams to work with him… And he has helped us sound killer…. I can’t wait for this baby to drop!

Tell us all about the Heavy Metal Bakery
Lianna – Well it all started as a joke-ish. I said that I would bake a Judge ‘Fudge’ cake for his leaving party when he was moving away. And I did… Everyone seemed to dig it so I baked more for friends birthdays et cetera, so it’s all really gone for there… It’s a great passion of mine… Cake, Heavy Metal & Art. At the moment I’m so busy with music I haven’t had the time to bake as many as I would like… But I hope in the future sometime to have my very own bakery…. I’m still taking requests.

What other band should everyone find out about?
Amy – There are lots but a London band I am really into right now is Regimes!
Ivona – Cable was an english band that sounded like Pixies, I really dig them. Mindlock was a Czech grindcore/punk band, good stuff. I like Anti Vigilante – a current English band.
LiannaElias Hulk one of the biggest kept secrets of hard rock…. Also Ivona really got me into a band called the The Observers I love them so much everyone should go out and buy So, Whats Left Now.

Tell us a joke.
Zel – A man goes to a Pacific island for vacation. As the boat nears, he notices the constant sound of drumming. As he gets off the boat, he asks a native how long the drumming will go on. The native casts about nervously and says, “Very bad when drumming stops.” Later that day, the drumming is still going and it is really starting to get to him. So, he asks another native when the drumming will stop. The native looks as if he’s just been spooked. “Very bad when drumming stops,” he says, and hurries off. After a couple of days with little sleep, the man had had enough. He grabbed the first native he saw, slammed him up against a tree, and shouted, “What happens when the drumming stops?!” The native replied, “Bass solo.”

Pettybone are releasing their debut album at some point in 2011 and are backing it up by playing some shows in London and Israel. If you live in either London or Israel, you might want to go check out their MySpace for dates, if it doesn’t make your computer explode.



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