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January 25th, 2011

Heavy Metal Tourist? Drink in London with help from Thrash Hits on Foursquare

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You may have seen our last article harping on about being a partner on Foursquare. It’s good. It’s already shown us that we go to the Crobar too often.

We thought we’d start being helpful by collating a few of our favourite tips for you to get you going. Seeing as it’s January and we’re a bit contrary, Team Thrash Hits is on a retox. That involves getting really, really drunk because there aren’t that many gigs on. Here are our favourite places to do such things without the botheration of concentrating on heavy metal and drinking. First tip? Crobar.

17 Manette Street
SoHo, London, UK W1D 4AS

The days of drinking in Crobar before and after a gig at The Astoria are sadly gone but with the best jukebox in SoHo, £2 whiskey ‘n’ cokes, you know you will party hard in here. Probably til 3am.

Garlic & Shots
14 Frith Street
SoHo, London, UK W1D 4RD

There is absolutely no point coming here unless you like either garlic or shots. Ideally, you’ll love both and you’ll sit down and grab a bite, a beer and a Bloodshot for an essential rite of passage.

Intrepid fox
15 St Giles street
SoHo, London, UK

Relocating to a larger venue only made this Fox bite harder. The music is consistently boisterous, crunching metal which guarantees you hit the pool balls that bit harder. Bring cash, drink hard.

Big Red
385 Holloway Road
Islington, London N7 0RY

This is the best American-style rock bar in London plus the food is awesome, meaty and in healthy portions. They added pool tables and hot barmaids for good measure. Try the nachos.

Aces and Eights
156-158 Fortress Rd
Tufnell Park, London NW5 2HP

Beer, cocktails and pizza and everything’s decorated in black and neon to a soundtrack of rock ‘n’ roll. London’s latest addition to the rock pub scene is a healthy one.

The World’s End
174 Canden High St
Camden, London NW1 0NE

It’s not just a meeting place before descending into the Underworld, it’s also a great pub. It’s also massive so it’s not the best meeting place.

The Pipeline
94 Middlesex St
Spitalfields, London, UK E1 7DA

A rock bar with a Scandinavian touch in the heart of London’s East End. Great jukebox and a great, happy atmosphere. There’s pinball and pool as well.

The Hobgoblin
33 Kentish Town Road
Camden, London NW1 8NL

Grimy metal pub with grimy metal beer. Much friendlier than it looks. Honest!

So there you have it. You have all the information you need to go and get absolutely rat-arsed in London. Are there any hidden gems that we’ve somehow forgotten or – God forbid – don’t know about?? Feel free to tell us in a comment down there. Now go and sign up on Foursquare and follow Thrash Hits. There are loads more location-based treats to come. Just wait and see.

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