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January 5th, 2011

Season’s Bleedings 2010-2011: November Coming Fire

We were there when November Coming Fire split up, and we were there when they regrouped. The wholly illogical next step would be to ask them stupid Christmas-related stuff not pertaining to either of those events. Obviously.

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What is your favourite Christmas drink?

Turkey: leg or breast?
Always breast

Do you have any particular or unusual Christmas traditions?
Cooking with my Dad seems to be a recent one.

When did you find out Santa Claus wasn’t real and how did it happen?
I don’t really remember, but I doubt I was very impressed! Love that dude.

What was your best Christmas present ever?
A Scalextric when I was 6, with Porche 911s.

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If you could have Christmas dinner with any 6 people, who would you invite?
Saint Nicolas, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Blitzen, Vixen and Mr Coca Cola, let em fight it out.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever had to travel to get “home” for Christmas? Has touring ever forced you to celebrate Christmas somewhere else?
I had to leave our show with Pale Horse at the Swan in Seven Sisters in like 2003 or 2004, with all my shit for two weeks and all the presents, and get to Stoke on the train for Xmas…. Bullshit.

Which metaller would you least like to see approaching you with mistletoe?
Dave Mustaine.

What would you get Kerry King for Christmas? You can’t choose Jagermeister.
A pair of socks of course.

If a bearded man broke into your house through the chimney on any other day of the year, what would you do?
Split a bottle of whiskey with him.

Which one of Santa’s reindeer would you be and why?
Prancer or Cupid – they sound kinda fruity – but essentially, reindeer are tough as fuck. That would be cool.

What’s been your worst New Year’s Eve experience (because NYE always sucks).
I went to Nottingham Rock City in like 2005 or something. Got in there about 11.30, watched Army Of Flying Robots, sold out with a bottle of WKD or some shit and left by like 11.50. Spent the countdown in a kebab shop getting chips. Grim.

What was your New Year’s Resolution?
To be a good Dad!

We don’t actually know what November Coming Fire’s plans for 2011 are because they’re being really fucking cryptic but we reckon that because they’re being cryptic (and because every other band is releasing a new album) that they’re releasing a new album.


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