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January 4th, 2011

Season’s Bleedings 2010-2011: Touché Amoré

Just back in November, we caught Touché Amoré destroy the Old Blue Last in London. It was one of those shows where everyone just looked at each other, puffing their cheeks out. They talk Christmas right here < -- important

Touche Amore band promo photo 2010 thrash hits

Turkey: leg or breast?
I’d say leg. There’s something about holding a turkey leg that makes you feel like a cartoon.

Do you have any particular or unusual Christmas traditions?
Not that I can think of. The extended family gets together Christmas Eve to exchange presents and in the mornings its my brother, mom, and I exchanging. Its always been that way.

When did you find out Santa Claus wasn’t real and how did it happen?
I was about seven, probably. I caught my parents putting together a G.I. Joe base playset thing at 4am or something. I was too stoked on the playset to care.

What is your favourite Christmas drink?
Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks.

Starbucks christmas drink peppermint mocha 2009 singapore thrash hits

What was your best Christmas present ever?
I’m not even sure. I’m thankful to get any at all.

If you could have Christmas dinner with any 6 people, who would you invite?
Hmm… Well, I’m not gonna feel bad not including family because we handle that Christmas Eve. I’d say six close friends from the furthest locations.

Has touring ever forced you to celebrate Christmas somewhere else?
We have yet to miss Christmas, but two years in a row we’re missing Thanksgiving.

Which metaller would you least like to see approaching you with mistletoe?

If a bearded man broke into your house through the chimney on any other day of the year, what would you do?
Depends how good the beard is.

What would you get Kerry King for Christmas? You can’t choose Jagermeister.
Nyquil. Cuz I heard it tastes just like Jagermeister.

nyquil sleep morons thrash hits 2010

Which one of Santa’s reindeer would you be and why?
I’m going Comet on this one. He’s got the coolest/least weird name.

What’s been your worst New Year’s Eve experience (because NYE always sucks).
Staying home and falling asleep before the countdown.

What will your New Year’s Resolution be?
Thicker skin, not letting things get to me.

Look out for much more from Touché Amoré in 2011. We’re talking a new album and more touring and other stuff. In the meantime, you can still get this awesome 10″ vinyl from Holy Roar. Worth it.


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