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January 5th, 2011

Turkey’s Bleeding 2010-2011: Leg? Breast? Arse.

turkey map thrash hits 2010

Ho, Ho, Hobags. Yeah, that’s not the turkey we’re actually talking about here. That’s a country up there; a country that you never really think about bordering Iran and Georgia or being named after a fat, ugly bird, yet still does and is.

We’re actually talking about the fat, ugly bird itself. We’ve been talking about said bird for the past few weeks. In fact, we’ve been asking loads of bands whether they prefer Leg Or Breast in our annual Season’s Bleedings (hence the funny title, yeah?) and the results are in. Oh god, they’re in.

This is a pie chart. If you don’t understand how it works, just kill yourself.

heavy metal turkey thrash hits christmas leg breast 2010 2011

Sometimes the bands even gave reasons as to why a certain part of the turkey is their favourite. By far the most succinct reason was given by Dez Nagle of London prog metallers, The Safety Fire. This is it:

Turkey: are you a leg or breast person?
Definitely breast. Leg is for cunts.

The Safety Fire are going to release their awesome album, Grind The Ocean soon. It’s really good.

Props also go to Chris from Turbowolf for naming vagina as his favourite bit of a turkey.

Obviously, Turbowolf are playing our gig on Friday with The Ghost of a Thousand, Bastions and Japanese Voyeurs. It’s going to be awesome and we’re going to eat crisps all night.


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