Thrash Hits

January 21st, 2011

We’re spending Saturday night being gruff and unpleasant. Come join in the fun!

When Planets Collide 3 banner Thrash Hits

No, we’re not regressing to our teenage years – we’re just planning our weekend entertainment. The good folks over at When Planets Collide are putting on their third night of deep and dirty sludge and doom, featuring the talents of The Bendal Interlude, Dopefight, Diesel King and Gurt. But then you already knew that as you’ve seen the bloody great big header image up above. 

If that’d not enough of a hard sell for you, then our man Paul Caudell is going to be DJing all manner of evil-sounding tunes throughout the course of the night. Paul is one of the photographers we occasionally bully into taking live photos for us here at Thrash Hits, and you’ll also know him from the plugs we give whenever he sneaks onto the airwaves over at TotalRock.

When Planets Collide 3 Flyer Thrash Hits

This night of low-end rumbling is going down at The Windmill in Brixton. The last time Thrash Hits decamped to The Windmill en masse it was to interview those Californian riff merchants, Saviours. Our Deputy Editor got so drunk he had to leave before they band had even came onstage, then fell down the stairs at Brixton tube and had to go to hospital. Good times!

Watch Thrash Hits TV: Saviours smoke-out at The Windmill:

As you can see from the flyer up above, tickets for When Planets Collide 3 are a mere £5 on the door. It’s worth it just so you can go wind Caudell up by telling him that Sunn O))) are a load of hipster wank and that Vision Of Disorder only had one decent album.