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February 18th, 2011

Album: Glamour Of The Kill – The Summoning

glamour of the kill thrash hits

Glamour Of The Kill
The Summoning
Afflicted Music
23 January 2011

by Andy Parker

We’re only into the second month of the year and I already have a list of things that’ve really gotten on my tits in 2011:

  • That agonising wait between December’s and January’s pay cheque.
  • Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, because all my friends think it is amazing and I don’t get it and that makes me feel uncomfortable and oddly middle-class.
  • Vocalists who cannot shut the fuck up and have to harmonise when they have nothing better to do.

Which is where Glamour Of The Kill come in. A band who, for the last few years, have been tightening their trousers, dying the shit out of their Toni & Guy coiffed hair-dos, and being pushed around the press to seemingly little or no avail.

Glamour Of The Kill The Summoning album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

While they’re self-dubbed as a “highly-rated metalcore band from York in the UK”, there’s barely anything really resembling “metalcore” about The Summoning. Glamour Of The Kill’s latest record absolutely reeks of Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold, and wears those influences on its sleeve like a faux-retro badge of honour, glittered and spattered with second-hand leather, denim and enough Goth Juice to make it appear to float in mid air. It’s so highly-polished that the promo copy slipped through my hands several times, under a few articulated lorries and still came out the other side without as much as roadkill smears on the cover. I even microwaved it, and the sonofabitch still played okay.

Without exception each song follows a staple concept of irritating vocal meets guitar solo harmonies unashamedly designed for appeal to the kind of crowd that flocks to sing along to numerous “woah oh oooos”, “waah ah aaahs” and “aaaah haa-aaa aaaahs”. Glamour Of The Kill regularly display actually tasty licks as they do this, such as at the end of ‘Feeling Alive’, but ultimately, you’ll struggled to digest any difference between one track and another. Unlike with Trivium’s breakthrough Ascendancy, there isn’t enough breaking up the ensemble, a scenario where everything genuinely melds into one another.

Watch the video to ‘Feeling Alive’ by Glamour Of The Kill:

I always feel uncomfortable knocking great musicians, as guitarists Chris Gomerson and Mike Kingswood have got some totally killer ideas, but they’re all too often lost in the similarity cycle. The sad thing is that when the album does stray from its patterns, it often jars too heavily with what precedes and follows it. ‘Malevolent Reign’ is an unflattering ballad which sits almost as out of place as its successor ‘Supremacy’, which starts off life with some serious balls – hell there’s even a rude word or two! But then the record slinks back into the grinder and yet again we are left to endure Bon Jovi-esque vocal harmonies ad nauseam.

The Summoning is a strong outing for these lads from York. There’s certainly a place for The Glamour Of The Kill, but I can’t help but feel that place it is somewhere stateside, rather than back home, here in the UK.


Sounds Like: Avenged Sevenfold, Steel Panther, Poison.
Top tracks: Supremacy, Lost Souls.

Glamour Of The Kill – The Summoning tracklisting:
If Only She Knew
World’s End
Feeling Alive
Dying From The Inside
Lost Souls
Malevolent Reign
Here, Behind These Walls
Through The Eyes Of The Broken
Army Of The Dead
The Summoning



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