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February 15th, 2011

EP: Lithurgy – Mother I

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Mother I
08 February 2011

by Andy Parker

Emphasising the true meaning of the phrase progressive when it comes to music, Brighton’s Lithurgy have travelled across Europe with the likes of Textures, Ephel Duath, and TesseracT, as well as nailing a much-praised performance at Bloodstock Open Air 2010 along the way. Mother I is the band’s latest attempt to elevate their profile to match that of those would-be peers.Lithurgy Mother I EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Mother I is a minute morsel of what Lithurgy are capable of, acting as a tease for the long-awaited album which the progressive six-piece are currently recording for an expected Summer release. Consisting really of just two full tracks (the first track, the irritatingly titled ‘…’, is an ambient intro), Mother I is a progressive metal swirl, simultaneously giving nods to ideas pioneered by Taint, Mastodon and Dream Theater. It demonstrates Lithurgy’s dynamic as well as the band’s far-reaching influences. As the passages swoon one another back and forth, the end result really is quite beautiful.

‘On The Road’ shows a far darker side and is in quite a contrast with ‘Mother I’. This is what Lithurgy excel at: the knife edge blend between hard and soft, not just within the movements they write but across the concept of their set. The band’s shattered guitar lines meet the heated vocals of Will Gardner and Tom Humphrey, before being plunged into the ice bath of serenity afforded them by the switching sense of tone.

It is truly frustrating to only have two tracks by a band who have produced so many good songs in recent years and always provide an incredible live performance but it is enough to keep you going for now. The coiled serpent continues to dance around toying with bedding or beheading its subject….


Sounds like: The Safety Fire, Mastodon, Textures.
Top tracks: Steady on, there’s only 2 full songs here.

Lithurgy – Mother I tracklisting

Mother I
On The Road


Mother I is currently available as a free download via Lithurgy’s bandcamp page, but if you’ve got an ounce of class you’ll donate some cash for the privilege too.



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