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February 7th, 2011

Future Hits 074: Collapse

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From: London, UK
Lazy Equation: Machine Head x The Haunted + Lamb Of God
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Thrash Hits Verdict:
For a band so early in their career, Collapse have already defined the key elements to their sound – fusing the gallop of European melodic death with the down-tuned riffage of Bay Area thrash. Having packed out and torn apart the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock 2010, Collapse have all the potential to become one of the rising stars of the British metal scene.

Describe your sound in 3 words.
Duncan Wilkinson (Vocals): Stronger. Than. All

How did you meet?
Andy and I were the first to meet, we upheld the time honoured tradition whenever starting a new band and met in a bar – The Crobar.

What made you want to start a band?
It was actually born out of a shared passion to want to create something raw, honest and heavy. We wanted to show the world that Britain is still capable of producing world class metal.

Where did the name come from?
It was inspired by a book called ‘ Stasiland’ , which is about the collapse of the East German Police State.

Where did you grow up? How do you think it’ s affected your music?
I’ve grown up all over the UK. As a kid my folks liked living in different places so we always moved about a lot. London is where I would call home but I think being thrown into constantly changing surroundings has definitely given me the mind set to go after whatever I wanted, wherever I was.

What are your musical influences?
Iron Maiden, Dio and Paradise Lost got me into Metal, but I’d have to say it was Fear Factory, Misery Loves Co and Nailbomb that first made me want to write my own material. There was something about the attitude of all three bands, they had something to say and really seemed to mean every syllable. Getting the raw sense of honesty is something that’ s very important to me as a vocalist.

What are your non-musical influences?
Life and coffee.

With which band would your dream tour be?
For the kid in me, I’d love to play with Fear Factory as I’ve been a fan since I was very young, but in terms of having a blast on the road then it’d have to be Devil Driver.

Friends in high places: Mike Spreitzer (Devildriver)

“A wonderful blend of melodic magnificence and crushing brutality that will captivate the Heavy Metal community.”

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
UK-wise, maybe Fallen Fate. It’s a bit of a barren wasteland unless you want bullet-belt thrash or Meshuggah-worshipping pretentious prog.

What other band should everyone find out about?
If you haven’t seen them yet (although I’d find that hard to believe!) you should definitely give Rise to Remain a listen. A couple of them are old band-mates of mine and it’ s awesome to see that they’ re doing really well.

What have you got planned for the future?
A full album and tons of gigs, probably in that order.

Tell us a joke.
Linkin Park headlining Download….

Keep your eyes peeled on the Collapse Myspace for more details on the upcoming debut release and live dates.



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