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February 9th, 2011

Interview: Josh Scogin of The Chariot

After releasing one of our favourite records of 2010, The Chariot are returning to the UK to play some more shows. It would be silly not to have a chat their amazing singer, Josh Scogin about stuff and things. Right?

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Atlanta has born quite an array of strong heavy acts over the last decade, what’s in the water?
I think the answer is in the Coke. After all that is where it was all invented and all.

If you could bring another home town band out with you on the road who would it be?
That is a little bit of an odd question because whenever we want to bring a band out we just bring them out. There are more bands from home that we would want to bring out because they are such cool dudes more then because their music rules necessarily. I don’t want to name names now though having said that.

You pull influences from what may seem for some extreme directions. From glee choirs, country tunes to punk rock. How do you tie it all together?
We all have A.D.D. so we just get bored of things quick. Hence any and all the weird stuff from out of nowhere.

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How important is recording your albums live. under the Three Take Rule?
On the records that we have done it then it is super important. No exceptions.

What was the initial reason behind the Three Take Rule? was it a practical thing (time constraints) or more or an ideological nuance?
We just don’t want to find ourselves nit-picking every little thing. It is punk rock, it is supposed to be a little “loose”.

The Chariot has almost been a revolving door in terms of its lineup. How do you think this lack of stability has affected the band, if at all?
Every evolution has been an improvement in my opinion. Thankfully we have always had friends able to take over. It was never random or auditions or anything.

You’ve been to England a few times now, have you noticed a change in the crowds since your first visit?
I would like to think so. We have seen repeat faces and that is always humbling. I love England.

What is it like compared to the rest of Europe?
That is hard to answer. The question would be better answered in reference to EVERY country. Each country is quite different. Some bigger then others, some crazier then others, it is really exciting for us because it keeps us on our toes. You never know what to expect.

Turn up or turn down?

Marshall or Orange?

Yes, as you really should have gathered by now, The Chariot are hitting UK shores in March 2011. You really should go and see them.

The Chariot March 2011 tourdates w/ MyChildren MyBride
17 Glasgow Cathouse
18 Manchester Moho Live
19 Nottingham Rock City Basement
20 Birmingham Academy 3
21 London Underworld


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