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February 9th, 2011

Like bands? Watch them in London pubs with help from Thrash Hits on Foursquare

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You may have seen our article harping on about being a partner on Foursquare. It’s good. It’s already shown us that we go to the Crobar too often but because of that, we did our first Heavy Metal Tourism guide to London and we based it all on this fair city’s watering holes.

Next up? You’ve done drinking, so now it’s time to go see some bands. We’re not going to tell you to go to Brixton Academy or Wembley Arena. That’s obvious. You know that stuff already. The smaller places, however, might be news to you so here are a bunch of awesome pubs and bars in London which also have bands playing. You can also get drunk in them, FYI.

Old Blue Last
39 Great Eastern Street
Curtain Rd
London, UK EC2A 3ES

The beer will give you rabies and every time you see a band here you’re guaranteed to lose some of your hearing. That’s why we you’ll see us DJing and putting on gigs in here. Awesome, awesome pub.

The Unicorn
227 Camden Road
Islington, Greater London NW1 9AA

Definitely the most metal pub in Camden, you’ll be able to catch great bands in here for absolutely free. You can’t ask for fairer than that.

The Lexington
96-98 Pentonville Road
London, UK N1 9JB

Pub quizzes on Monday, loads of different bourbons and a monthly Nordic music clubnight.

12 Bar Club
12 Denmark Street
London, UK WC2H 8NL

The best place in SoHo to see grizzly blues rock. A gem of a bar with some real atmosphere.

Brixton Windmill
22 Bleinheim Garden
London, UK SW2 5BZ

Famous for the rock ‘n’ roll all-dayers with the saltiest barbecues ever. It’s a(nother) good excuse to drink more beer. Great gigs happen here. Plus there is a dog on the roof. A Roof Dog.

South of the Border
350-354 Old St
London, UK EC1V 9NQ

Tiny cellar club in Shoreditch that hosts some great rock shows. Plus you can always pop upstairs for a bowl of chilli and a lagerita.

Dublin Castle
94 Parkway
London, UK NW1 7AN

You might have seen some of the all-time great bands play their first London show in here. Choose carefully and you might see the next big thing in the back room. Great pub, great atmosphere.

The Bull & Gate
389 Kentish Town Road
London, UK NW5 2TJ

This is a great spot to see some tiny shows from up-and-coming bands. We’ve done it. We know. It’s a really nice and grimy old pub, which is nice. Right?

The Gaff
382 Holloway Road
London, UK N7 6PN

RIP – Closed on 23 January 2011.

Now you can go and find some really great bands in small places before they get big, or some really crap bands in venues they’ll never even headline. Are there any hidden gems that we’ve somehow forgotten or – God forbid – don’t know about?? Feel free to tell us in a comment down there.

Regardless, go and sign up on Foursquare and follow Thrash Hits. There are even more location-based treats to come!

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