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February 23rd, 2011

Live: Europe @ London Shepherd’s Bush Empire – 19 February 2011

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When we interviewed Joey Tempest last month, he gave us the exclusive news that Europe would be filming their upcoming London date for a DVD release. What a bloody nice bloke. Though he wouldn’t give us the name of the magical moisturiser he uses to look so young and fed us some Robert Johnson horseshit about doing a deal with the devil. We’ll find out Joey, don’t you worry…

Six things we learned from Europe’s London show:

  • Despite losing their singer at the end of last year, Voodoo Johnson wasted no time in announcing a replacement in January and reassuring their fans that they would still be supporting Europe on the Balls N’ Banners tour. They even went as far as announcing that their next single was co-written by Brian Tatler from Diamond Head and would be out in March. Pretty impressive huh? Tonight they play their hearts out to a largely unresponsive crowd of die-hard Europe fans, but it could very well be this perseverance that sets them apart from their competitors.
  • You’ve got to love the acoustics in Shepherds Bush Empire. It’s one of few venues in London you can always rely on for a good sound and tonight is no exception. From the opening power chords of ‘Last Look at Eden’, Europe sound absolutely massive and arguably at their very best.

  • Whilst Kee Marcello was perhaps the more technical of guitarists that played in Europe, John Norum’s bluesy phrasing always seemed better suited to their music. As the world still mourns the loss of Gary Moore, Norum pays tribute to one of his biggest influences by playing ‘The Loner’ note-for-note with buckets of feel. Utterly astounding.
  • Drum solos can get a bit tiresome can’t they? I mean unless you’ve managed to resurrect John friggin’ Bonham, they’re probably best kept under the 2 minute mark right? But what if the drum solo is played over a William Tell Overture backing track? I shit you not. What made it even funnier was how Ian Haugland looked like he was riding his kit at points.
  • Tonight Europe announce that they will be recording a new album in October and showcase one of their new songs ‘Doghouse’. It’s a mid-tempo number with an AC/DC groove, sounding somewhere in between Thunder and Cinderella. Good stuff.
  • Bearing in mind Europe have already released at least 2 official live DVDs, it made sense to have a setlist that focused on newer songs since reforming, or gems that weren’t often played on previous tours. Obviously it would have been great to hear classics like Seven Doors Hotel, Open Your Heart and Cherokee, but the fact that these songs were not sorely missed goes to show a lot about the consistent level of quality across Europe’s body of work.

Europe @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire Setlist
Last Look At Eden
The Beast
Rock The Night
Scream of Anger
No Stone Unturned
The Getaway Plan
The Loner (Gary Moore cover)
Seventh Sign
New Love in Town
Love is Not The Enemy
More Than Meets The Eye
Drum Solo (William Tell Overture)
Always The Pretenders
Start From The Dark
The Final Countdown

Voodoo Johnson @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire setlist
Feel Karma
Nowhere Inbetween
Black Skies Mist
Seven Years



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