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February 10th, 2011

Live: Kylesa @ Camden Underworld – 07 February 2011

We love the Camden Underworld here at Thrash Hits. The bands are usually good, the sound is great and the beer tastes like Katy Perry’s piss. So when Kylesa came over on their first headline tour here since the release of Spiral Shadow, we thought we’d head down and get our ears blasted.

Six things we learned from Kylesa’s London show:

  • It smelled better than usual in there. Kylesa are more popular with the ladies than your average stoner metal band and the chaps that knew this reached for their annual hit of Davidoff Cool Water. Off to a good start. [It may have all been for Laura Pleasants – Metrosexual Ed]
  • Support band Okkultokrati are definitely ones to watch. Having already been recommended by Fenriz on Darkthrone’s Band Of The Week Blog – these Norwegians are like a doomier, crustier and ultimately more necro Kvelertak. Plus right now they only have 16 friends on their Myspace. Go show them some love.
  • It’s no secret that Kylesa’s newer material is infinitely better than the first few records. Whilst anyone can smoke a bag of skunk and come up with a riff that sounds like the work of a young Josh Homme, it’s the songs off Static Tensions and Spiral Shadow that sound a lot more powerful and focused.

  • Drums are great aren’t they? But do Kylesa really need two drummers? Really? It’s not like they play intricate polyrhythms over each other, it’s essentially just twice as loud and looks cool on stage. If anything, the slight mili-seconds in between the snare hits were off-putting at points.
  • If you bother having a Theremin on stage, make sure you use it for longer than a minute. It’s not often we get to see one in action these days (they were all the rage in the ’50s) so it was a bit disappointing that Phillip Cope only used the wacky instrument for a short intro.
  • Kylesa are definitely a good band, there’s no doubt about that. They still have a while to go before becoming a great band and worthy of the level of attention that fellow Georgians Mastodon have been getting. If the next record is a blinder, who knows.

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