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February 8th, 2011

Live: Malefice @ Camden Underworld – 14 January 2011

With a new, eagerly-awaited album on the way, Malefice came to Camden. Not being a *complete* cretin, Tom Dare went along to bear witness.

Malefice promo photo 2011 Thrash Hits

By now, you should be aware of how stellar a live band Malefice are. So it’s absolutely no surprise that tonight, in front of their own crowd, they are suitably stunning. Familiarity does not mean we did not learn anything tonight, however. As well as terrible cases of metal neck, here’s what we took from tonight.

Six things we learned from Malefice’s Underworld show:

  • Malefice are still better live than practically every British metal band around that doesn’t involve Benji Webbe, and in this kind of form even Skindred would struggle to match them. The groove, the weight, the charisma, the connection with the audience… they do it all superbly. Vitally engaging and totally relentless, they are utterly commanding tonight. Match this, Britain.
  • Dale’s been working out. He looks sleeker and fitter and has lost none of his presence on stage as a result of the leaner frame. And yes, that might sound homoerotic, but in a room packed with sweating men, many of whom are shirtless and in extremely close proximity, it’s impossible to avoid.
  • Malefice’s new material sounds fucking massive. We heard ‘Awaken The Tides‘ when they supported Arch Enemy and thought it was brilliant, but in the smaller venue with better sound at higher (i.e. audible) volume it is even more so, and the other two songs they debut are equally as promising. This new record could be huge.
  • When we first mentioned Phyrexia, we were right to do so. They’re a band with bags of potential who can already whip up quite a crowd. Our instincts that said they were on completely the wrong bill were also correct – a band incorporating Dissection and Rhapsody Of Fire in their sound do not appear to have that much crossover appeal with metalcore fans. Their own more-than-respectable crowd means they probably don’t care though.
  • If you’re a support band and you need to tell the crowd six times per song to go crazy, you’re probably doing something wrong. Just FYI and shit.
  • It turns out people do go to gigs in January after all. The turnout is more than decent given how broke everyone must be from Christmas and that the Northern Line is on strike (again) tonight. It seems that Thrash Hits may be a touch out of practice at the whole “a couple of pints won’t hurt” thing, however. Hangovers fucking suck.

Also, thanks to Solid Promotions for letting us in and putting on a lovely evening of metal and offering us a beer and a kebab.



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