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February 28th, 2011

Live & Photos: Devil Sold His Soul + Feed The Rhino @ London Camden Underworld – 18 February 2011

You know we like Devil Sold His Soul. You may not know we fucking love Feed The Rhino as well. With both bands in London, we went along to bring you awesome pictures and incisive words. Sadly we got pissed and lost the latter, so you’ll have to make do with these six things we vaguely remember and 12 of Ben Gibson’s finest shots.

Six things we found out when DSHS & Feed The Rhino played the Underworld:

  • Feed The Rhino are still fucking brilliant, incredible and quite possibly inhumanly energetic live. We nearly tried to look for signs they’re powered by Duracell, but we didn’t think they’d like us trying to feel them in that fashion. And they look harder than us.
  • Seriously, Feed The Rhino are something else on stage. You know that rising band you’re in love with? They haven’t played a show as good as this. Sorry. We haven’t wanted to break shit and shout incoherent rage like this in sodding ages. We would have joined in with the properly brutal pits that were flying all over the gaff, but we were too scared. We’re not man enough for FTR.
  • Feed The Rhino love London. We know, because they say so on stage. We love London too, so this is another reason why Feed The Rhino are fucking amazing. That, and their songs threaten to make us bang our heads off our shoulders.

Devil Sold His Soul @ London Camden Underworld - 18 February 2011 by Ben Gibson

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That must have been a seriously powerful fart. Just sayin'.

  • Devil Sold His Soul have an almost boyish charm about them that warms our miserable, twisted old hearts. And we were still sober at this point, so the smiles on our faces were entirely down to DSHS.
  • If your set doesn’t have that many really heavy bits, the heavy bits that you do have sound fucking barbaric by comparison. The old phrase “light and shade” is still in effect. DSHS prove this old theory as well as anything we’ve seen recently.
  • Apparently The Elijah played tonight. We couldn’t actually tell – it was so bloody dark there could have been a man giving out free booze and thick wads of cash and you wouldn’t have known it until a very pissed and suddenly much wealthier bloke staggers past you.


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