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February 14th, 2011

Live: The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen (Periphery, TesseracT + Monuments) @ London Camden Underworld – 11 February 2011

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It was one of the most hotly-anticipated metal gigs of 2011 so far. Over the past couple of years, Maryland metallers Periphery have increased the popularity of Djent – the genre of jarring, one-significant-chorded tech metal that Meshuggah created a quarter of a century ago. British djent stars, TesseracT are signed to the US arm of Century Media and Monuments are being talked about as one of the next big things. Of course we were there!

Six things we learned when The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour came to London:

  • Tech metal gigs on Friday nights sell tickets – The Underworld is full from 7.30pm so everyone sees all the bands. It’s pretty mild outside for this time of year, but the Underworld is a clammy mess of bad hair and social ineptitude tonight. There are even loads of girls to compound the awkward agony at this geekfest.
  • Monuments are an amazing prospect. Abstract yet tuneful and unfathomably groovy. We’re already well in love with them. Better still, they’re currently finishing up their debut album for release (possibly) on Basick Records later this year. We cannot wait.

  • The double singer thing in Monuments brings back fantastic SiKth-like memories. In fact, it really helps you appreciate how ahead of their time SiKth really were. It’s a sad fact that despite being so innovative, so long before the NWOIBD (New Wave Of Internet Based Djent), they never quite got their dues. Maybe it’s the perfect time for a SiKth reunion?
  • TesseracT are the band that’s excited us the most tonight. Djent is a burgeoning scene and Periphery may well be the first to popularise the NWOIBD but it’s TesseracT that have the legs to go all the way. Djent and tech metal in general is very clinical and mechanical in its design but Tesseract have that all-important human element to their music. Cue: sing alongs galore.
  • It’s Periphery that the audience has bought their tickets to see. This is their first tour but all the anticipation and all the buzz has come from Misha Mansoor taking time off from annihilating his guitar to build a huge online fanbase. Apparently the internet is the future!
  • While all three bands tonight are absolutely outstanding in their own special way, it’s really nice to be able to notice that two of the three bands are British. Hooray for homegrown metal!

The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen (Periphery) @ London Camden Underworld - 11 February 2011 by Ben Gibson

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This is Misha Mansoor. He calls himself 'Bulb'. Bulb is a funny word. Bulb. Bulb.


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