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February 18th, 2011

Smashing Pumpkins bassists just can’t seem to stay out of the news

Nicole Fiorentino bassist Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins live onstage thrash hits

After last week’s bizarro news about original Smashing Pumpkins bassist and former sexy thing, D’Arcy Wretzky ending up in gaol for letting her ponies go rampaging around town, this week sees current Pumpkins bassist and still very lovely, Nicole Fiorentino revealing to Billy Corgan that she was actually one of the little girls on the cover of Siamese Dream. SAY WHAT??

Yeah, apparently so. Corgan unleashed the news on Twitter (where else?):

Just found out the weirdest news: our bass player Nicole (@xocoleyf) just admitted she is one of the girls on the cover of Siamese Dream

He promptly followed the gritty revelation up with the reason she waited til now to tell the baldy genius:

She said she didn’t want us to know because she thought maybe we wouldn’t let her be in the band

Fiorentino – formerly bassist of awesome all-girl alt rockers, Veruca Salt – was born in 1979. Siamese Dream was released in 1993. Assuming (via the laws of time) that the photo was taken before 1993, she would’ve been 13 or so. To be honest, we’re not really sure what 13-year-old girls look like so we’re just going to believe the shiny-headed fool.

Here is some visual evidence from which you will almost certainly be able to deduce absolutely nothing in the way of the actual truth. By visual evidence, we mean pictures, but not even of her face #doh

Nicole Fiorentino
Smashing Pumpkins bassist

Nicole Fiorentino bassist Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins live onstage thrash hits

Nicole Fiorentino
Child model on Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

smashing pumpkins siamese dream album artwork thrash hits nicole fiorentino

Regardless of whether this is utter tripe, it’s a good reason to listen to the album again. Maybe that’s the reason behind this intriguing story. Here’s the video to ‘Mayonaise’.

Don’t listen to Zwan.



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