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February 2nd, 2011

Special occasion? Need a card? Try cardxcore + win one

Christmas is done with but Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are almost here, which is why cardxcore is the tattoo-art-oriented greetings card company you need to know about. This collection of “Cards That Don’t Suck” is the brainchild of Gallows bassist, Stu Gili-Ross, so we asked him all about it…

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  • What was the inspiration behind this new business venture?
  • “I was in California with my fiancee taking some time off from Gallows after Warped Tour 2009 and we were trying to think of something cool to do for our engagement party invitations. We soon realized that unless you wanted to spend quite a lot of money on something entirely bespoke and tailor-made, there was nothing really widely available that didn’t completely suck!

    “We hated the whole Hallmark and Clinton’s idea and nothing was cool. I came up with this idea of photoshopping a Marshall Guitar amp, changing the word ‘Marshall’ to ‘ Marriage’ but keeping it in the same famous Marshall font, with tone, volume and reverb switches changed to ‘love, commitment and trust’.

    “Everyone we showed it to was stoked on it and said I should sell cards and invitations. As a joke, I said, ‘Yeah, I could call it cardxcore,’ and a huge lightbulb went off over my head. It’s basically snowballed from there.”

  • What’s the card that you remember receiving the clearest?
  • “I received a card from my grandfather on my graduation from University which informed me of the family motto and history of my Maltese side of the family. That sticks out in my head but I couldn’t tell you what was actually on the card.”

  • What makes your cards stand out from the rest?
  • “All our current cards feature original, hand-painted tattoo art. They have no slogans or words on the front, just a really cool, really well-painted traditional tattoo design that relates to the occasion the card is for. There are no cheesy, awful jokes, no black and white photos of old people doing something risque. There is nothing like it around in the shops because cardxcore cards are simply meant to just look awesome and help our customers send their wishes in a way that shows a bit of their personality and character, not a lame joke about age or beer.

    “We also sell all our cards with a black envelope and a red faux-wax seal that we hand emboss, so there is real pride and care put into each card we package so you have something really cool to give your loved ones. It’s all about doing something classy and against the grain. We stock cards for people happy to be recently divorced (the hour glass card) and also we have a Hanukkah card.”

  • What artists do you have designing for Cardxcore?
  • “Our current range of cards has been designed by Los Ocegueda of (the world famous) Sid’s Tattoo Parlor in Santa Ana, CA, USA. We have a poster range currently being designed by Dan Mumford (record artwork extraordinaire) which will be in all the shops this year. Obviously I’m always talking to Frank (Carter) for some more tattoo art based cards. I’m quite into the idea of working with tattooers I know and guys in bands who are great artists. It would be awesome to work with Oliver Peck and Jordan Buckley at some point too.”


    Seeing as it’s Mother’s Day on 03 April 2011, cardxcore have given us a Mother’s Day card to give away. It’s too close for Valentine’s Day and nobody loves us anway. Fuck it. Fuck everything. Mum still loves me anyway. I think. Err… yeah, here’s a competition.

    Win a Mother's Day card from CARDXCORE

    If Bob's your uncle and your dad was an only child, who is Bob?

    This competition is dead. Go click Competitions and find another one and win some other shit.

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  • What have been your most popular cards so far?
  • “We just sold out of the ‘LOVE’ card with the swallow on the front which is a Valentines card. That flew out (pun intended). Typically we get most busy around a card buying season (as you would expect). We only launched just before Christmas 2010, where our Reindeer xmas card was a big hit. Valentines Day has really kept us busy. We do have some awesome birthday cards though, so I guess as word gets around that will start picking up too.

    “I’m really looking forward to getting the tshirts printed up (pre-orders up now) and taking them all on tour in April on the Six Great Reasons tour that we are sponsoring and will have a stall at. Come say hi and check us out!”

  • What if my mum doesn’t want a Mother’s Day card with a picture of a heart with a dagger going through it on the front?
  • “Haha! There are plenty of different ones to choose from! Get her some of the traditional roses we have or the maternal butterfly design. I’ll be sending my mum the ‘Mother’s Rose’ card this mothers day. She’s already seen it and loves it.”

  • Which is your favourite design?
  • “I really like our ‘Hour Glass’ divorce cards and the Hanukkah cards just because you rarely see them on the shelves in the major card outlets or wherever, places that say they have a card for ‘everyone’. Everyone as long as you are Christian, I guess!

    “I really like the colours on the ‘Eagle’ Fathers Day card. Los did such a great job painting that and it looks so good on the high quality card. I’m also really into the Pirate Ship card (for people embarking on a new journey). I’m a huge fan of traditional tattoo art done well.”

  • Obviously you’ve got cards in your range but you’ve also got tshirts and posters. What else are you going to slap tattoo designs on?
  • “I think we are going to draw the line at canvas prints in the poster range. We really focus on the cards. The tshirts are strictly limited to only 20 of each design (seven designs only) and the posters are just a really fun thing to do.

    “One day, I’d like to see cardxcore stationary and baby clothes! But that’s a long way off. Right now all it’s all about having some fun with the cards and getting excited on what the artists we collaborate with are coming up with.”

  • Are you the new Sailor Jerry, the new Ed Hardy or the new
  • “Neither! We’re the original cardxcore! Come say hi to us on the Six Great Reasons Tour.”

    Make sure you go and visit for your greetings cards fix and here’s the poster for the Six Great Reasons tour in April 2011 featuring TRC, Feed The Rhino, Brotherhood Of Lake, Mallory Knox, Heart In Hand and Polar. It’s a good ‘un.

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