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February 16th, 2011

Who do you want the final Download Festival 2011 headliner to be?

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Sometimes people like to whisper in our ears and sometimes we are just better at the internet than other people. This all leads to us hearing about stuff way before we’re meant to. That’s how we got the scoops on Metallica and Linkin Park headlining Sonisphere Festival 2009 as well as when AC/DC self-confirmed Download Festival 2010.

This time, a little whisper found its way into our stupid heads about Def Leppard and The Darkness co-headlining Download Festival 2011. There’s a tiny little more to it than just a silly rumour though. It just depends on how hard you look…

Back on 04 February, Justin Hawkins said this about going to do stuff:

“Somebody just asked me why I’m not doing music any more as I was walking into a rehearsal studio.”

But obviously Justin Hawkins went about furiously denying all rumours of a Darkness reunion as recently as July 2010. We’re pretty sure that you still remember all the words to ‘Growing On Me’ though (and the rest of Permission To Land). Watch this and find out.

The name that was really being bandied around was Van Halen but with Chickenfoot recording, is it going to be Van Halen? Tool appear to be unavailable now. Andy Copping has ruled Bon Jovi, Blink 182, Ozzy Osbourne and My Chemical Romance out via Twitter. Foo Fighters are already playing a million massive shows this summer, including Isle Of Wight on the same weekend so they’re surely out of the reckoning. Iron Maiden already have got plenty of their own shows booked in the UK this July and in Europe with Sonisphere so they’re very unlikely to do it but there’s always Machine Head, right?

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