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February 16th, 2011

Will Haven release song titles for fifth album with Slipknot man, Chris Fehn

Before Christmas, Will Haven updated us that frontman, Grady Avenell was recording his vocals to the dozen tracks that the Sacramento band was laying down for their fifth album. Now they have told us a few song titles. Woo hoo!

Via their blog, they’ve told us and the rest of the awesome world four song titles:

‘When The Walls Close In’
‘Urban Agoge’
‘Object Of My Affection’
‘Harvesting Our Burdens’

The only other thing they’ve got planned is a gig with Papa Roach in the Californian capital on 25 February 2011. It will be the first show new bassist, Chris Fehn (of Slipknot fame, yes?) has played with the band since replacing Mike Martin. Slipknot are playing Sonisphere Festival 2011. Just sayin’ (hopin’).

FYI, an agoge is the Spartan training regime which involved both physical and mental exercises. Br00tle!

Here is the update from Will Haven, verbatim:

thought we would give you a little update on the Haven, the record is just about done, Grady is doing some finishing touches on his vocals tommorow night, then its on to mixing, after that its really on!! some of the song titles for the record are “when the walls close in”, “urban agoge”, “object of my affection”. “harvesting our burdens”. There are a total of 11 songs on the record. We are beyond happy with the way it has turned out. Cant wait to get it out there.
As for show news we are playing with Papa Roach here in Sacramento the 25th of February. Were pretty excited because this will be our first show with our new bass player Chris Fehn (Slipknot). He has been in the studio with us during the whole record but we havent played live yet, so we are excited to have the whole band up there, and yes we will play some new jams. So all is good here, thanks to everyone for the support and will get back to you this week with some photos from the studio tommorow…

will haven

Don’t tell us you don’t know who this band are. Educate yourself if that’s the case! You will not regret it.



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