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February 8th, 2011

Winterfylleth release a statement about Candlefest 2010 but can’t spell “St Edmund’s Day”. Twice.

When Winterfylleth played Candlefest 2010 at London’s Camden Underworld last November, they said some political things onstage in the few seconds they had between majestically black metal songs. Unsurprisingly, journalists picked up on how headline-y those statements inevitably were.

Winterfylleth have released a statement with lots of clever historical facts that us little people never would know because we are stupid. Luckily, Chris Naughton isn’t as clever as he thinks. Just think, “WAAAAH,” whilst reading…

Winterfylleth vs Mainstream Metal Media

Friends, over the past few weeks we have been a bit disappointed to read a number of loaded reviews about Winterfylleth’s performance at Candlefest in November last year. Particularly those by a few of the mainstream metal magazines who have, once again, dragged us down a political route for comments passed on the night by me, Chris.

We’d just like to point that we ruddy love their album, The Mercian Sphere and gave it 5.5/6. This might be because Tom Dare is also a racist, though. JUST KIDDING, GUYS!! Seriously. Just kidding.

As I have said during numerous interviews regarding areas of the mainstream press, I feel like there is an assumed political correctness and moral presumption that mainstream magazines think that they need to display in order to pacify themselves about their visible position on issues/situations etc. These things seem to once again be rearing their ugly heads by twisting the sentiments of what was said at Candlefest, sensationalizing the truth behind the message of distaste we were putting across at the extremist behavior shown by a few individuals on Armistice Day.

Nope. You just don’t have enough time when onstage to deliver grand political broadcasts of any substance. By attempting to do so, you also detract from the quality and quantity of your musical performance. Write us an essay about your political thoughts and we’ll be sure to ignore it, anyway. Nobody likes a preacher. Well, some people do.

To put this in context, Candlefest happened to fall upon St Edmunds Day (The day of one of the true patron saints of England, along with St Bede, that many historians and campaigners would place ahead of the fabled St George as the true icon of England), a date of celebration to many people and from our point of view a day of national pride that we celebrate.

St *Edmund’s Day. Apostrophe, pls. It’s the day of St Edmund. It belongs to St Edmund. Just a typo though. Right!?

Winterfylleth The Mercian Sphere album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

What I/we take exception too is the way that considered comments (like those that were made on the night) are sensationalized by a subjective spin on the true events that seems to be motivated more by Political Correctness than by truth. To paraphrase what I said on the night.

“It’s political correctness gone mad!” Where’s Richard Keys when you need him? < — SkySportsGate football reference (sorry).

I said that we disagreed with the extremism being displayed (with reference to the reported groups of extremists publicly burning poppies on Armistice Day) against people who had given up their lives in war to defend our nation from oppression and to give us all, including the very same extremists, the personal freedom to do things like demonstrate, and that on a day of national pride like St Edmonds Day that we should all be appalled by their abhorrent acts. There was massive support for these comments from gathered masses as far as I could sense and given we’ve done a lot to dispel the rumors and nonsense about our band I’m disappointed this has, albeit slightly, cropped up again.

“St Edmonds Day”? Come on, guys. I thought you cared about this kind of stuff. Still no apostrophe so it wasn’t a typo last time and this time you haven’t even spelt the guy’s name right. He fought the Danish! Bloody Danes! He was also the king of East Anglia. Just like Alan Partridge.

One of the reviews accused us of ‘a descent into Daily Mail demagoguery,’ which outside of the overt verbalism on display here comprises of an accusation of ‘impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace’ which couldn’t be further from the truth and only further highlights the moral presumption I was referring to on the part of the magazines. As we have said many times, Winterfylleth are about education, provoking debate and making people investigate interesting topics to make up their own minds about things. If we are guilty of demagoguery then the press are guilty of Cultural Marxism, which to me is far worse and is a much more underhand method of undermining what we as a band stand for. To quote Patrick Buchanan, ‘Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, a regime to punish dissent and to stigmatize social heresy as the Inquisition punished religious heresy. Its trademark is intolerance.’

Educate yourselves to spell stuff. Yep. There’s a debate, actually. Do you need to be able to spell to act educated? (Yes.) If you can’t spell, is your argument totally void? (No, but it’s funnier this way.) We all did history at school. Now go get a job at the council like the rest of us.

If you would like to read a review that actually took into account what happened on the evening I would suggest you look no further than Pete Woods’ review on Metal Team UK: ‘The atmosphere was fantastic and we practically felt the pain of wounded Albion bellowing in indignation as with dogged determination it gritted teeth and sharpened claws, ready to fight back. Speaking of which as the far too quickly over set drew to a close an announcement went out to the scum burning poppies on Armistice Day and got a bellow of applause by virtually everyone present. The natural conclusion to this could only be Defending the Realm and you simply cannot argue with sentiments and statements like that!’ Cheers….

Hey, Chris! We actually really like your band. If you lay off treating us all like idiots who can’t think for ourselves – especially when you can’t spell something you’re basing a point around and just have no idea how to punctuate – then we might like you as people too.

Deal? Or no deal?

noel edmonds st edmunds day deal or no deal winterfylleth

Til Chris replies, we’re off to burn some fucking tulips, bitches! FUCK THE DUTCH!

Winterfylleth are playing a FREE show in Camden at The Hobgoblin on 26 February 2011. Check it out on Facebook. It will be fun.



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