Thrash Hits

February 16th, 2011

WTF Video Of The Week: Rotten Sound – ‘Hollow’

Look, sometimes you’ve just got to take a step back, and let a band’s beyond-fucked-up promo video do the talking. We were already pretty much lost for words when it came to describing the brilliance of Rotten Sound’s superb forthcoming eighth studio album, Cursed, but now the latest promo video from the band has well and truly finished the job of leaving us speechless.

The video for ‘Hollow’ is after the jump. You have been warned.


Watch the video to ‘Hollow’ by Rotten Sound:

Actually, on reflection, we’re not all that surprised by Rotten Sound’s demented promo clip. The last time we hung out with the guys in Rotten Sound we were afloat somewhere in the Gulf of Finland, and they were regaling us with a tale of the time when one of the Finnish grinders jammed an electric shoe-polisher into the arse crack of another member of the band. As you do.


Cheers to Decibel Magazine’s magnificent DeciBlog, where we first saw this video. If it’s not already, then you should definitely add the DeciBlog to the list of site you check out daily.