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March 21st, 2011

Hammerfest 2011: Reviews, Photos, Setlists, Gossip – it’s all here

Hammerfest 3 March 2011 prestatyn pontins thrash hits competition win

It’s time for another Thrash Hits festival splash page – and this time it’s for Hammerfest. All of our Hammerfest 2011 coverage from the weekend will be linked to on this here post, so make sure you bookmark it as it’s all you’re going to need. Yep. That means individual band coverage (photos, setlists and maybe even some reviews), all the dodgy rumours and salacious gossip our man Amit Sharma overhears, and every ruinous photo of Pontins-based boozing that Gary Wolstenholme snaps will be here.


Hammerfest 2011 in photos


Battleaxe – photos, setlist
Dirty Rose – photos
Elixir – photos, setlist
Jaguar – photos
Mordecai – photos
Triaxis – photos


Accept – review, photos, setlist
Blitzkrieg – photos
Feed The Rhino – review, photos
Holy Grail – photos
Idiom – photos
My Ruin – photos, setlist
Never Means Maybe – photos
Revoker – photos
Sylosis – review, photos
The Treatment – photos
Turisas – photos, setlist
Turbowolf – photos
Wolf – photos, setlist


Attica Rage – photos, setlist
Beholder – photos, setlist
Chthonic – photos
Deadly Circus Fire – photos
Entombed – review, photos, setlist
Furyon – review, photos, setlist
Evile – photos, setlist
Grand Magus – photos, setlist
Oaf – review, photos
Power Quest – photos, setlist
Sabaton – photos, setlist
Satyricon – photos, setlist
Svart Crown – photos
Viking Skull – photos, setlist


Listen to our Sunday Slaylist: Hammerfest 2011