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March 2nd, 2011

Kitties Ist Krieg!

Kitties Ist Krieg FUckYeahMetalCats Thrash Hits

What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Such as when two unstoppable memes collide headlong into each other?

You get FuckYeahMetalCats, that’s what.

The internet’s insatiable attitude for all things feline, combined with the honest truth that metal is at least as intrinsically funny as it is awesome, is what has led to the creation of this particular single-serving tumblr. But FuckYeahMetalCats don’t just restrict themselves to a narrow-minded focus of what constitutes

metal cats can be many things: cats in metal bands, cats that obviously appreciate metal or punk, cats that look so goddamn dark that they’ve probably inspired/eaten/batted some evil shit, cats with metalheads/metalgods/metaldorks, etc.

Just take a look at these and tell us they don’t warm your black hearts:

FuckYeahMetalCats: CUTE

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FuckYeahMetalCats: CUTE

Go check out FuckYeahMetalCats for more metal cat-based LOLs. And more importantly, if you stumbled across an all-new metal cat they’ve not yet posted, drop them a submission.


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