Thrash Hits

March 31st, 2011

Korn take it to the bleeding edge once more by “going dubstep” on ‘Get Up’

Korn promo photo 2010 Thrash Hits

A few hours ago, Jonathan Davis recorded a short message for his fans, along with some new dubstep-oriented beats and uploaded them to Soundcloud via his iPhone. We have been led to believe said beats will be incorporated into a brand new song called ‘Get Up’. Here is Davis’ eloquent speech:

“What’s up, everybody? It’s JD. We’re getting ready to fuck shit up again. Check this shit out. It’s new shit…”

Once again, the Californian nu metallers are proving themselves to be the most innovative wideboys around. Dubstep is fresh and new, right?? This is KoЯn doing what KoЯn has been doing for a while now…


Oh. Other song titles rumoured are ‘Return To Energiser’ and ‘No Sssweat’. KIDDING. The source of the dubstep is hot producer thing, Skrillex. Davies said this on Korn’s facebook page:

HI its JD this is a teaser of a new song we did with Skrillex its a korn song and we fucking love it bye

All the goodwill from creating a not-shit album last year may have just disappeared.



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