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March 25th, 2011

Live: Biffy Clyro @ London Royal Albert Hall – 23 March 2011

With their first UK festival headline slot approaching, Biffy Clyro played a one-off show in London in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust. 5,500 people? No big deal compared to a Knebworth full of people but after seeing them nearly 50 times in the past decade [yes, he worked it out and shocked himself], Thrash Hits editor, Raz popped down to Kensington Gore to see the Scottish superhouse in action.

Six things we learned when Biffy Clyro played the Royal Albert Hall

  • Biffy Clyro are going to be absolutely phenomenal when they headline Sonisphere Festival 2011. Anyone who doubted them on the initial announcement is a fool. Simple as that.
  • While their success has come since 2007’s stunning major label fourth album, Puzzle and carried on to include last year’s Only Revolutions and a #1 single via X Factor, old fans need not worry. Adding ‘Hero Management’ and ‘Hope For An Angel’ to tonight’s setlist is a masterstroke. Needless to say, they’ll be pulling out even more big, old songs at Knebworth this summer.
  • Some songs are just way too good to retire. They threatened to never play homage to Simon’s mum, Folding Stars again after Reading & Leeds 2007 but occasionally it does pop up. This is one of those times and standing onstage alone with an acoustic guitar, it was easy to appreciate every word.

  • Simon Neil is a wonderful frontman. Clambering onto speaker stacks to his right; pulling a microphone stand onto speakers behind him; using that brittle right away to hack away at his high-slung guitar. This man has charisma and cool and he is also very handsome.
  • Is there any other UK band which unites the rock, metal, indie, punk and mainstream communities quite as firmly as Biffy Clyro? I don’t think so and they do it while remaining as inspiring and as original as ever.
  • Keeping something back helps. Who really knows what Biffy Clyro means? This just means that there will always be a little bit more to this band.

Tonight’s show was part of the Teenage Cancer Trust‘s annual run of shows at the Royal Albert Hall. It would be really, really cool if you went over to their website and helped to support the amazing work they do to help young people suffering with cancer. Click the link and chuck some money their way.

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Biffy Clyro @ Royal Albert Hall setlist
The Captain
Booooom, Blast & Ruin
Who’s Got a Match?
Saturday Superhouse
Hero Management
God & Satan
That Golden Rule
Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
Born On A Horse
Folding Stars (Simon Neil Solo Acoustic)
Machines (Simon Neil Solo Acoustic)
Shock Shock
Get Fucked Stud
Know Your Quarry
Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys
Many Of Horror
Cloud Of Stink
Hope For An Angel



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