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March 15th, 2011

Live: Black Spiders @ London Highbury Garage – 23 February 2011

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You know the question on everyone’s lips a few weeks ago? “How many Thrash Hits writers does it take to review a gig?” Yeah, that’s right. Everyone was asking it. You know why? It was because there were four (4) (FOUR) of us at the Black Spiders headline show in London. We love them. That’s why we gave their album, Sons Of The North 5/6.

Six things we learned when we watched Black Spiders in London:

  • The audience tonight is fat and old. (Apart from us, of course – we’re just fat.) This is old school music and the number of beers that must have passed through the 600 or so folk in here is mind-boggling.
  • They’ve got all the right influences – Sabbath, KISS, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC. Enough of each to make your balls tingle, but without running the risk of sounding unoriginal or dated. Clever stuff. Gene and Paul enjoyed the homage in ‘KISS Tried To Kill Me’ so much that they linked to Black Spiders on!
  • The band really looks the part onstage. Decked out all in black, snarling away, they look like they’ve actually been on one of the whiskey-soaked blood binges they sing about
  • Pete Spider Spiby is a fucking hero. He’s paid his dues to rock ‘n’ roll (Boneyard, Groop Dogdrill, Future eX-Wife) and he deserves to make it.

  • It’s amazing how Black Spiders manage to imprint songs that you’ve never heard into your brain, so by the end of each number you’re at the front, bathed in beer and screaming every last word back at them.
  • What the Black Spiders do may not be clever, but it does sound big. Or more accurately, fucking immense. Songs like ‘Stay Down’ and ‘St Peter’ are so big that you don’t even need to be pissed to find yourself roaring along with your hand in the air like no one is watching. Although admittedly a cider or two does increase the chance of this. [We found this out again – Ed]

We also learned that reviewing a gig works better when there aren’t so many of us there, all expecting the other one to review it. Yeah. We were drunk and it was awesome though!

TRIVIA: Pete Spiby drank all our booze in Norway once. It cost a fucking fortune to replace it. Yep. We haven’t forgiven him but we like to think we inspired a song on the album.

Black Spiders @ Highbury Garage setlist
Sons Of The North
Stay Down
Medusa’s Eyes
St. Peter
Mans Ruin
Just Like A Woman
What Good’s A Rock Without A Roll?
KISS Tried To Kill Me
Blood Of The Kings
Si, El Diablo



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