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March 11th, 2011

Live: Sylosis @ London Camden Underworld – 25 February 2011

After the drooling adulation we threw at Sylosis‘ new album Edge Of The Earth, you might think the chances of us missing their headlining show in London were worse than the odds of a Nickelback cover band surviving a support slot on a Slayer tour. And you would be correct. Here’s a bumper crop things we found out from tonight.

Six things we found out from when Sylosis, Bleed From Within, While She Sleeps and Anterior played the Underworld:

  • Girls like deathcore. Either that or they just like Bleed From Within– take the minor totally female stage invasion as you will.
  • While She Sleeps shows should come with a health warning and a crash helmet. The Underworld has seen some carnage in its time, but it is many a year since we saw this kind of insanity- bodies flying everywhere, both from the stage and the floor. The last time we saw anything this brutal here, we came away with two cracked ribs and a broken nose. We’re guessing the crowd liked WTS from this.

  • Anterior have been away for far, far too fucking long. They may start a little slowly, but by the end the modern melodeath has won over everyone in the room. We need a new album and more touring please boyos- we haven’t forgotten about you, so feed our appetite.
  • The mark of the most highly skilled practitioners of their art is the ability to make the incredibly difficult look effortless. By that rule, Sylosis are absolute master musicians – that phenomenal finger-mangling you hear on record looks as easy falling over in a pit when they play it. You don’t have to be a guitar geek to be left slack-jawed in awe of the sheer class of what you are seeing. Of Sylosis’ multitude of virtues, their sheer gut-punching brutality is one that seems to get overlooked or underplayed. For all the melody and intricacy, it’s devastatingly violent and exhilirating. The crowd’s response suggests they agree.

Watch video where Sylosis talk up ‘Edge Of The Earth’:

  • Sylosis are a band that people already adore – people know all of their material and go suitably apeshit at all the right moments, regardless of what release it comes from. Despite their second album not even being on the shelves yet, this is a band that has a small army of fans who don’t just like them- they love them. The number of bands who can provoke this kind of adulation – even in a smaller venue like this – at such an early stage of their career is preciously small. Doing it while being this heavy and this challenging is beyond impressive.
  • Britain has bands that the rest of the world doesn’t, and they’re fucking brilliant. Bands like Sylosis and Anterior do not exist elsewhere, and there are precious few young metal bands who have their level of quality anywhere in the world – and the brilliance of tonight proves it. The potential to get the world’s attention is here – now let’s make some fucking noise so the world cannot ignore it.

Sylosis @ London Camden Underworld setlist:
Empyreal, Part 1
Stained Humanity
Reflections Through Fire
Sands Of Time
The Blackest Skyline
Altered States of Consciousness
Conclusion of an Age



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