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March 7th, 2011

Top 6 Reasons why The Darkness reforming at Download Festival 2011 would be awesome

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Despite all the rumours about The Darkness being set to reunite to be second on the bill to Def Leppard at Download Festival 2011, festival booker Andy Copping has said that they won’t be. We may have been totally right about Leppard headlining but we still live in hope.

It’s interesting that when the same rumours circulated last summer, Justin Hawkins popped his head out to tell everyone it wasn’t true. He hasn’t done that this year. Hmmm. We still want The Darkness to return.

1. Seeing as it looks like Van Halen aren’t coming over this year, The Darkness reforming really would be the next best thing on the menu in terms of massive tunes, Justin Hawkin’s ridiculous/amazing catsuits and self-indulgent guitar wanking. We want to see all of this.

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2. System Of A Down officially went on hiatus on 13 August 2006. Justin Hawkins left the band later in the same month – ultimately spelling the end of The Darkness. They’ve both been gone for the same amount of time but The Darkness headlined Reading and Leeds Festival in 2004 without a single boring moment. That was the year when magic mushrooms were legal, though. Take from that what you will. Anyway, that’s a bigger deal than SOAD ever were. The Darkness reforming would become the new big news. No doubt.

3. Imagine singing along to the best Christmas rock song in the past million years. In summertime! WITH ALL YOUR MATES.

4. Permission To Land is loaded with hits. It’s the kind of album where you say, “It’s all killer – no filler,” and actually mean it. Regardless of how uncool it is to like them, the music still slays. They wrote a song called ‘Black Shuck’ about a ghostly black dog that roamed the Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk coastline. It gets better. This dog was also referred to as the “Doom Dog”. That’s well metal. There’s also thought of singing along to this again.

5. Max & Igor Cavalera were also rumoured to be getting back on a festival stage this summer but Dan & Justin in the same band again will be awesome. It’s really nice to have a bit of pride in one of the best of British returning to the fold.

6. That second album was not as good as the debut but with the band (allegedly) snorting buckets of gak and employing the services of Roy Thomas Baker to produce, it was always going to be flamboyant – to say the least. The album even starts with the sound of them hoovering up the magic dust FFS.


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