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April 8th, 2011

Album: Wormrot – Dirge

Wormrot promo photo no.1 2011 Thrash Hits

Earache Records
3 May 2011

by Tom Dare

Earache Records are letting you download the entire of Dirge free of charge right now, a month before it’s even “out”. For all three of you who aren’t already convinced, I’m going to explain why you should download it, play it to death, then buy a CD copy, a t-shirt and catch Wormrot on tour.

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The bludgeoning, cheekbone-shattering destruction Dirge spits out of the speakers tells us straight away that this is among the most devastatingly brilliant grindcore bands in the world today. They haven’t strayed far at all from their formula (get in, break shit, get out), but they’ve got better at it. The “batter fucking everything” riffs make you want to smash stuff more, the furious screams are more vitriolic and the explosive drumming is clearer in the mix.

Non-stop, paint-stripping grind can become monotonous fast, but thankfully, Dirge isn’t wall-to-wall brutality. The handful of doomy bits breaking it up are effective and strong, but the crusty d-beat stomps that periodically pop up in between the seconds-long likes of ‘You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem?‘ (requisite Napalm Death nod, check) both separate the churning maelstroms from each other just enough, and also serve as the most instantly memorable moments of the album. Most noticeable of these are the absolutely scorching closer ‘The Final Insult‘, a despicably nasty “fuck you” of a track that oozes groove and threatens to kick in the tits off of everyone you want it to.

Listen to ‘Manipulation’ by Wormrot here:

There’s a youthful vitality and total lack of jadedness coursing through Wormrot in general, but on this album they’ve nailed it down and honed it to it’s sharpest. It sounds like you’re able to change everything in life that hacks you off, as if all the obstacles to a perfect world that stand in your path really can be smashed to fucking bits and stamped into the ground to make absolutely sure they’re gone.

It’d be so easy to be cynical and talk about the more obvious influences of Dirge, and bitch and moan about how good things were in the 80s. But the truth is, Dirge has got me excited in a naïve, wide-eyed way that make it impossible to. The nakedly idealistic, impassioned feel is too strong, the will to obliterate too powerful, and the music just too fucking good.

Go and download it now.


Sounds like: Insect Warfare, Napalm Death, Sore Throat
Top tracks: All Go No Emo, Principle Of Puppet Warfare, The Final Insult

Wormrot – Dirge tracklisting:
No One Gives A Shit
Compulsive Disposition
All Go No Emo
Public Display Of Infection
Overpowered Violence
Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass
Spot A Pathetic
Evolved Into Nothing
Butt Krieg Is Showing
Fucking Fierce So What
Ferocious Bombardment
Principle Of Puppet Warfare
Deceased Occupation
Waste Of Time
Stench Of Ignorance
Meteor To The Face
Addicts Of Misery
You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem
Erased Existence
Back Stabber Mission Aborted
Destruct The Bastards
Plunged Into Illusions
A Dead Issue
The Final Insult



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