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April 27th, 2011

Interview: Jason Butler from letlive. talks about anything but what we ask him

You do the Guardian crossword every day to further your vocabulary and worldliness and for what? So that some punk called Jason Butler can rip the piss out of your over-elaborate lexis? Yeah, apparently so. It’s ok though, because he sings in letlive. – one of the most exciting bands to have emerged of late. We’ll let him off as long as teaches us how to backflip…

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Why did you decide to stylise the band name so? Lowercase name and fullstop at the end. It is a curious act for a band to pointedly punctuate their name after all.
Already I can sense contemporary character in your formal speech by observing the presentation of the first question. For this I would like to say ‘thank you’. I’ve already digressed, and it’s only question one. Perhaps my parents should have considered that mystery medication the pharmaceutical companies tried to suggest. You know, the one that has proven only to further actuate the initial issue of attention deficit it was prescribed to remedy in the first place. I believe it was called Methylphenidate. More affectionately known as Ritalin.

…almost forgot about the topic. Which was…

Does it bother you if people write it “Let Live”?
Ya. I hate when it’s not written with calligraphy font.

letlive. are an awesome live prospect. Jason, you are a crazy man onstage. Have you ever really, really pissed someone in the crowd off.
I don’t mean to step on your editor’s toes on this one, but your finger must have slipped and typed a “.” after your first word. Not to worry, I’m not trippin’. I know clerical errors have nothing to do with our capability.

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What has been your most embarrassing moment?
One time I spent an entire interview just trying to avert each question the interview delivered to avoid seeming pedantic or even more possibly, pseudo intellectual. Also I thought maybe the interviewer would appreciate my humor and understand I was actually doing all of this for his/her enjoyment.

He/she may not have been picking up on my futuristic/ahead of the game interview prose. Or maybe he/she did. How would you feel?

Somersault/backflips onstage. How the hell do you do them? Give us a 5-step guide please!
1. Aspire
2. To
3. Join
4. The
5. Circus

(Show them how they made a mistake when they chose an accredited acrobat over you.)

You talk about some pretty personal stuff when you’re up on stage. Isn’t that an insanely difficult thing to do night after night?
It may have been if I had not been declared clinically insane by my doctor at the free clinic in Inglewood. This was directly following my blood transfusion. I never knew you could be a phlebotomist AND a psychiatrist. The United States has obviously done a fantastic job at optimising positions in our public healthcare.

On the same note, how do you keep such an intense live show fresh? Are there any steps you consciously take to do new things?
Perpetuating my lucid unconsciousness.

What is the trait you most dislike about yourself?
My inability to seem cryptic. Or how my hair becomes unmanageable after a certain length.

Signing to Epitaph is pretty cool. Does it hold any extra gravitas for you?
I wanted to answer this question with full esteem. Highly decorated with digital words strategically placed within run on sentences to properly express the fervor, and appropriately venerate the label the quite possibly started it all in regards to alternative subculture independent label spearheading. Then I observed the latin word in the antepenultimate position and got threatened by your vernacular since I have not yet reached my Latin speaking apex. They say sarcasm is the refuge for losers. I may want to consider putting on my serious face at some point.

Fake History. What does that title mean?
The “magic bullet” that killed John F. Kennedy. The idea of a two car garage and 2.4 kids. Our understanding of both current and historically significant events. Your local liquor store drama. The block. The happiness we can attain as a people through truth and cognizance and the “happiness” special interest forums deliver to its people so they’ll keep thinking someone else’s belief system is the reason their problems are not reaching resolve. But ay… I swear. I ain’t no conspiracy theorist and I still listen to FM radio after I join in complaints on NPR (that’s a little American joke. Not sure if y’all have your own National Public Radio station, but either way I wanted to let you in on the reference because I must admit, that was a pretty clever joke I made. Americans are so arrogant xo.)

At first I thought you were simply annoyed/saddened at America and Americans but you also direct some fury at the whole world in The Sick, Sick 6.8 Billion. Where, if anywhere, do you think the grass is greener?
Most people naturally assume, as a result of their titles, that Greenland is prominently green and that Iceland is perpetually abounded by snow. This is actually contrary to both of these country’s weather pattern and habitat. This is a fair metaphoric parallel for my views on humanity. I like to self proclaim “The Atypical Philanthropist”. On some real shit, I believe in our species and hold the highest of hopes. The manner in which I illuminate these issues is simply satire with a high dose of reality in order to highlight much of what has been hidden from the majority of our world’s population. i.e.”Fuck the Federal Reserve System”…before you a) take this as punk rock gospel and preach it to the “unwitted masses” or b) write this person off as a conspiratorial zealot, observe the statement and it’s derivation. Figure out why, how, and when they may have said it. Form an opinion. Then proceed to rally troops to execute a fashionable instance of coup d’etat.

When are you happiest?
When I take my first cognisant breath of the day.

Actually I’m probably equally as happy when I’m having play dates with George Jackson, Einstein, and Gina Davis in my rather explorative subconscious. Either, or.

Who or what is the greatest love of your life?

In ‘Renegade 86’, you talk about books. Tell me about your favourite books
The Only Alien On The Planet – Kristen D. Randle… seriously. After I dissect the old testament and put down Dostoevsky, of course. I figure it’s best to touch on the multi dimensionality of life through some esteemed literature and also, you look way smart when the scholars you invited over for afternoon tea happen to glance over at your bookcase in an attempt to locate common interest for conversation’s sake.

If you could go back in time, what would you change?
The moment where old Biff stole the Gray’s Sports Almanac from the dumpster after Doc Brown had stripped it from Marty’s hands and carelessly tossed it in a public trash reciprocal. That is the moment where the time space continuum skewed into an alternate reality and Biff made all of his earnings off of sports events he knew all the outcomes of a Gray’s Sports Almanac.

Besides, his casino was rather tacky in my opinion.

What is your favourite Heath Ledger film?
Again, I love you already, and do not want for this to at all nullify your question, but can we take a moment out to consider all the people (both men and women) all around the world that have been coincidentally marginalized by this abbreviated namesake? Looking back on that response I actually sincerely feel that answer could serve as a relative metaphor for the song “H. Ledger” that Let Live wrote. Oh, also because I’ve never seen one of his films, but I can say I absolutely adored Dom De Luise in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.

What have you got in store for the rest of 20ll?
Delving even deeper into the troubadour lifestyle. Perfecting satire. Taking you out for vegetarian fish and chips. What did you have in mind?

How would you like to be remembered?
As one of the most cooperative interviewees bastardized rock music has ever read about… oh and for folks to believe me when I tell them my pops was, in fact, an African American.

We honestly thought ‘gravitas’ was a perfectly normal word. Regardless, letlive. are going on tour with Enter Shikari and Your Demise around Europe this in autumn 2011/20ll. UK dates are coming soon! FUCK YES. They’ll be at Download Festival 2011 anyway. YEP. I don’t wanna think about how this could turn out on video.



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