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April 29th, 2011

Live: Asking Alexandria @ London Camden Electric Ballroom – 22 April 2011

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Did you know that Asking Alexandria are one of the biggest British bands in America today? Their recent second album, Reckless and Relentless went in at #9 in the main charts but back in their homeland they’re only playing Electric Ballroom. That’s still pretty good though so seeing as fellow Yorkshiremen, While She Sleeps and Yanks, Of Mice & Men were in support, we toddled down to Camden to check it all out.

Six things we found out when we saw Asking Alexandria in Camden:

  • Asking Alexandria fans might be the most ridiculous collection of people in the world. Aside from the whole room looking like a bad day on Is Anyone Up, in my immediate vicinity there is a 14-year-old girl who is at her first ever gig on her birthday and a 25-year-old woman who is at her fourth ever gig. They’re both huge AA fans. Is there a case to be said that this isn’t a band for the educated music fan? Perhaps.
  • While She Sleeps are on just after lunchtime due to tonight’s early curfew but there are enough AA fangirls around to witness the Sheffield melodic brutalists. They are fucking heavy and are really fucking good at being heavy. They’ve got the groovy riffs, the smashing breakdowns and uncompromising vocals they need to get really fucking far. If only Of Mice & Men could evoke enough emotion in me to make me swear. They can’t because they are totally… fuck. I’ve forgotten everything about them.
  • After 30 seconds of Asking Alexandria‘s opening song, all the music cut out completely. Someone more cynical would suggest that the ensuing 10 minutes of silence was the most consistent 10 minutes of their set.

  • It’s hot in London tonight but that doesn’t stop an absolute army of fans through the doors. They sing back all the lyrics and anticipate every mosh – this band has proper fans. It’s interesting that they’re so big in the USA but they’re getting to that level in the UK really fast. It would appear that the Yorkshiremen are here to stay. There are a lot of people here that are happy about this.
  • Musically, it’s not the most interesting thing in the world. I couldn’t help but keep thinking, “Bring Me The Horizon would’ve fucking slayed this song.” Asking Alexandria’s guitar lines sound similar from song to song, the vocals seemed forced occasionally and the only real musical variety is the tacked on electronica/drum and bass. Remember: a vanilla sponge cake is still just a vanilla sponge cake, even if you cover it with something totally random… like ketchup.
  • If Asking Alexandria were a cake rather than a band, you’d probably still eat it, but you wouldn’t be too happy about it. It would be like a cake that hadn’t risen properly but was still fully iced. FYI, this would lead to a beautiful looking cake that is a bit chewy once you get it in your mouth. I’m saying that AA promise much but don’t deliver. For all the anticipation they impressively whip up, the breakdowns are soggy and are hard to swallow. It’s like they over-egged it all. We don’t like eating icing – not on its own. Like icing, love cake.

That was the last cake-based band analogy you’ll ever see on Thrash Hits. Ever. Promise.

Asking Alexandria @ London Camden Electric Ballroom setlist
Not The American Average
A Prophecy
Someone, Somewhere
A Single Moment Of Sincerity
Hey There Mr Brooks
If You Can’t Ride Two Horses At Once… You Should Get Out The Circus
I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King
Morte Et Dabo
The Final Episode



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