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April 5th, 2011

Live: Killing Joke @ London Royal Festival Hall – 01 April 2011

When Killing Joke announced a date at the Royal Festival Hall we knew it would be a great opportunity to drink Leffe on the Southbank, pretend we know more about post modernist realism and feel aristocratic whilst watching a great band in an opulent venue.

Six things we learned when Killing Joke played the Royal Festival Hall

  • It’s not often you hear of artists as heavy as Killing Joke performing at London’s prestigious Royal Festival Hall. The post-punk pioneers were invited to be part of this year’s Ether Festival at the Southbank Centre, and it’s great to see such an iconic band getting the recognition they deserve in their home town.
  • Jaz Coleman has got to be one of the most underrated frontmen of his era. From the moment he walks on stage all eyes are on him, and it’s easy to spot how many other artists have learned from his voluminous stage presence. You know Till Lindemann’s possessed zombie strut? Nicked straight off Jaz Coleman.
  • It took about 20 minutes for the crowd to get used to such a formal setting. Seated shows are always a bit odd, though as the set got heavier with songs like ‘Wardance’ and ‘Communion’ the band warmed up and the unofficial pit area in front of the stage got busier.

Killing Joke @ Sonisphere Festival 2009 by Gary Wolstenholme

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Killing Joke in daylight? Pah.

  • Whilst on record some of the earlier material can feel dated, the live treatment of these songs does not in the slightest. Killing Joke sound fresh, energetic and most importantly, still relevant – which is exceptional for a band that started out in 1978.
  • The die-hard Killing Joke fans down the front are a scary bunch. Some sweaty crust punk in his forties whispered the words, “I hope you die of thirst,” when we refused to share our precious Jack Daniels. At £5 for a single with mixer, you’ll be lucky mate…
  • Tonight Killing Joke are truly on form – the band providing a tight and explosive soundtrack to the politically tinged yet poignant psychedelic visuals. It is amazing how naturally one band can weave through punk and progressive rock, and as innovators it is obvious how many artists they have influenced and inspired. Do not miss Killing Joke at Sonisphere Festival 2011, these genre smashing veterans will not disappoint.

Killing Joke @ Royal Festival Hall setlist
Intro – Blade Runner/Masked Ball from Eyes Wide Shut
Love Like Blood
European Super State
This World Hell
The Fall of Because
Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove
The Great Cull
Depth Charge
The Wait



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