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April 27th, 2011

Live & Photos: Gallows @ London Notting Hill Arts Club – 26 April 2011

Gallows are back in the UK for a while as they write their third record (can’t wait), pop off to Norway and Italy for some shows and play Sonisphere Festival 2011 (can’t wait), among other things so it was only natural that they’d play an extraordinarily tiny show in west London to 100 people, right? Yeah, obvs! We went down and even got some photos in between peeling our tshirts off and getting trodden on.

Six things we learned when Gallows destroyed London again:

  • Gallows are still the most exciting British rock band around. For all the bands that are being successfully flogged to America, Gallows are the only one that really delivers British quality. They deliver their fury with ease and dedication without a single dull moment. They should be playing at the Royal Wedding, really.
  • If in doubt, get stuck in. Guitarist, Laurent Barnard took approximately 0.3 seconds to launch himself headfirst into the pit. This is what happens when you open a set with ‘Abandon Ship’. In all fairness to him, the stage was tiny and there wasn’t a place in the Arts Club that wasn’t taken up by moshpit.
  • ‘Misery’ is one of the best songs written in recent history. The bars leading up to that breakdown caused grown men to fling their belongings to the side to join the mosh. Plus, is there a better way to open a song than with, “FUCK!”?

Gallows @ London Notting Hill Arts Club - 26 April 2011 c/o Benjamin Gibson

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Frank Carter always finds time to climb.

  • Gallows are good at making circle pits happen. They honed their technique at last summer’s festivals but have brought it into the clubs. Getting several thousand people to run out of the Bohemia tent, around the sound desk and back into the tent at Sonisphere 2010 was one thing. Having a person in a wheelchair crowdsurfing at Reading 2010 was another. Asking two dozen sweaty folk to run into the bar and back wasn’t that difficult in comparison!
  • ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ is the only song this band should ever end on. ‘Crucifucks’ is still a great song but there’s something about that moment when Frank Carter shouts, “MY NAME IS CASANOVA,” that just can’t be equalled. This song holds every ounce of passion and intensity that this band has become famous for. Plus it’s super fun to sing along to.
  • Judging by Frank Carter’s vocal delivery tonight, we might be looking forward to the most brutal Gallows record yet. He’s always liked a good scream but it seems like Brooklyn’s been treating his influences well. We welcome heaviness.

Gallows @ London Notting Hill Arts Club setlist
Abandon Ship
London Is The Reason
The Vulture [Act II]
Gold Dust
I Dread The Night
In The Belly Of A Shark
Orchestra of Wolves

More photos from Ben Gibson can be found on his Flickr. Go check him out.



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