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April 28th, 2011

Live: Pianos Become The Teeth @ London Camden Purple Turtle – 14 April 2011

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This is the first time Baltimore, Maryland emotional hardcore quintet (that photo is clearly very old) have made their way across the drowning pool to the UK. It would’ve been rude to have ignored Pianos Become The Teeth‘s first gig in London, especially as their album, Old Pride was TH scribe Tomas Doyle’s second favourite album of 2010. Who knows? It might turn out to be a really good show. (It was bloody amazing, FYI.)

Six things we learned when Pianos Become The Teeth came to London:

  • It’s one of Cult Cinema’s first ever shows. It will not be one of their last. Death metal vocals with a hardcore/rock band really does work especially with the relentless intensity that they add to their live show. Who knew? They did, obviously. Snazzy name too. They’re ones to watch out for again. This may be largely due to the singer spending the whole set on the floor rather than on the stage but hey ho.
  • Normally the aggressive and intriguing life and soul of the party, Kerouac, are lethargic in comparison despite frontman Thom Densen’s best efforts to careen through the crowd at every given opportunity. Similarly sluggish, the Swedish main support, Suis La Lune take what seems like forever to get through their set. The gentler moments are intriguing but the rest could be played by just about anyone else.
  • Pianos Become The Teeth describe themselves as “emotional hardcore” and it’s one of the most accurate descriptions ever. This band feels their music. On at least one occasion, I am sure that either the singer, the drummer or the bassist is about to burst into tears, such is the intensity at which they are playing their music. Emotional ≠ Emo. Kyle Durfey’s got to stop ripping his tshirts off himself while he sings. It must be well expensive.

  • Talking of intense, the drummer is something else. There was probably not a single moment where David Haik wasn’t moving in unison with the music. He felt every note and drummed it all instinctively. Every great band has a great drummer so Pianos Become The Teeth are obviously one of the best bands around!
  • This is beautiful, beautiful music. Their mix of Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai and regular post-hardcore sounds makes every single song sound grander and more epic than it ever ought to be. This is the sound of a band that wants to build something enormous and then let it crash down around them. Not a single note is wasted here.
  • It’s Pianos Become The Teeth’s first trip to the UK but it won’t be their last such is the love for them. You know when you see fans at the front of the stage. I’m talking about real fans – the ones who are standing there just so they can sing the words back at their hero; the ones who are standing there just so they might touch their hero’s skanky tour-abused show. There are loads of them here tonight. They are the reason that bands like Pianos Become The Teeth exist and they’re the reason they will return sooner rather than later.


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