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April 15th, 2011

Live: Rotten Sound, Trap Them + Gaza @ London Camden Underworld – 12 April 2011

It’s the hottest grindcore package tour of Spring 2011 so after gobbling some free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, we all traipsed down to the grotty Camden underworld that is… The Underworld. Rotten Sound, Trap Them and Gaza were the ones we really wanted to see so we’ve totally ignored Haust and The Kandidate. Sorry, lads. The other three were bloody good though!

Six things we learned when Trap Them, Gaza + Rotten Sound dropped by:

  • More people need to know about Gaza. With their slowed down Will Haven-esque riffs (Deftones-esque, if you don’t know much Will Haven), their progressive take on the crust sound is enormous for a band with just one guitar.
  • Sometimes bands have a message but don’t shove it down your throat. Gaza are resolutely anti-religion – and probably are anti- a whole load of other stuff – but they deliver their message with such passive sincerity that you can’t help but take note.
  • Brutally heavy bands don’t make much money from touring or from record sales so they compensate by making incredible tshirts. The merch desk left at least seven of us thinking aloud, “I want that one… and those ones… and that limited vinyl too. Shit.” Wwe bought everything we could. You ought to as well.

  • Any “hype” around Trap Them is entirely justified. Yes, Darker Handcraft is their third album but it’s also, undoubtedly, their best. The amazing guitar lines from songs like ‘Evictionaries’ come through perfectly. They need to come back to UK sooner than the three years it’s taken them this time. If they do, they can expect to be headlining next time.
  • Ryan McKenney is an angry, angry man. This genre of hardcore (or crust punk, or grindcore, or whatever you want to call it) is littered with genius frontmen of the vitriolic persuasion. Trap Them’s man with a microphone is absolutely no different and he doesn’t let up for the entire set. Being angry is one thing but delivering it with such ferocity is a joy to behold.
  • Rotten Sound sound like they’re so pissed off they might be the first band to physically break the Underworld, the vicious fury seething from the stage almost physically impacting your innards. The riffs are snarling, the drumming ballistic and the whole sonic blast is enough to send you cowering battered into a corner. They do this every time they’re here. This is why they’re headlining tonight. Props for the Napalm Death cover as well.

We are not sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream but we would love to be.



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