Thrash Hits

April 15th, 2011

LOVE-LEIGH JUBBLY with your new agony aunt, Lora Leigh

lora leigh lovely jubbly 2011 thrash hits the sirens fuel girls agony aunt

We all have problems. Some of us have real problems; some of us have fake problems, but we all need to talk to someone about them. That’s where our delicious new agony aunt, Lora Leigh steps in. YEP. Lora’s gonna fix you up good and proper.

If you’d like Lora to help you out, simply send an email outlining your undoubtedly deranged issues to She will then sort your stupid shit out for you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your love life that’s crap, your fashion sense that doesn’t make any sense or if you just can’t decide what colour you should paint your nails because Lora Leigh really will feel your pain. We just told her some of our woes and she immediately fell over and started looking sad. See?

lora leigh the sirens fuel girls thrash hits lovely jubbly

It’s not difficult. Talk to Lora Leigh:


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