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April 11th, 2011

The Dillinger Escape Plan release new video and Greg Puciato talks sense about file sharing

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Yep, The Dillinger Escape Plan released our favourite album of 2010 with Option Paralysis. Now they’ve made a video for ‘Gold Teeth On A Bum’. Woo hoo!

In other DEP news, singer Greg Puciato wrote 1,752 words about file sharing in response to a Belfast student’s question. You can read some choice quotes down below but we strongly suggest you read Greg’s response in its entirety because he is a clever man who dislikes Jared Leto as much as we do.

All of Charlie Sheen’s teeth are made of gold. Was this song about Charlie Sheen? Eh??

A Question From Facebook About File Sharing…& An Ensuing Ramble – included here are excerpts of Greg Puciato’s well-considered wisdom…

Hi Greg, I’m a business student in Belfast and for my ethics module I’m writing a paper on online file sharing and it’s effect on the music industry. I was wondering what your views on the subject are, how it’s affected you and if you’ve done anything to try and counter the situation or lessen its effect on Dillinger. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I can’t wait to see you here this summer! Thanks.

I think it’s time to accept and acknowledge that the CD is a dead format. Maybe not dead in the way of the 8 track but dead in the way vinyl is. A CD now, should be thought of as a collector’s item…

A CD certainly sounds better than an MP3… but it just lacks the infinitely superior convenience of the digital format. As internet gets faster and hard drives get bigger, even 320 MP3s (which I am totally fine with for 90% of my listening) will be replaced by larger more sonically accurate files like WAVs or FLAC, so eventually a CD will hold no sonic vantage point at all…

It’s tricky to get into trying to “police” the internet because the glory of the internet is that it really isn’t policed at all. The torrent sites and things like that can claim that they really have no legal responsibility for the things that are being torrented on them, in the way that Yahoo or Google can say that they aren’t responsible for what is being emailed back and forth from people with Yahoo or Google email accounts…

All of that being said, the choice of whether to release music for free, should be the artist’s, just as if I ran a coffee shop and wanted to give away free coffee samples or have a free coffee day that should be my choice, not the choice of the consumer. At no point would it be acceptable for the consumer to just come in and take the coffee…

… The whole argument of “well they can still tour and sell merch” ONLY holds up at all because people have to BUY tickets and merch! If you could just walk into our show for free and then also just walk away from our merch table and grab a shirt for free….we would just be done.

First off, bands and record companies need to let go of the idea of the CD as the product. The CD is not the product, it’s a means to distribute the product… Bands and record companies need to embrace the idea of most of the quantity of their sales coming from digital, and then have a selection of ALL limited other versions… It strengthens the bond between band and fans and just feels so much better to do anyway.

Second, and this is already happening and will continue to increase, internet service providers need to monitor heavy users and see if there is illegal content being downloaded at large volumes like artist discographies and so forth. If they do see that is happening, they should send a warning letter and then on the second time suspend service for a period of time.

Right now on BTJunkie the Option Paralysis album is being downloaded/leeched by 9 people. At ten bucks an album, that’s ninety bucks. An hour from now it will be 10 new people. Two hours from now, 7 new people….and so on. Our album’s been out for a year. A year ago the number of people downloading it was far more. That revenue loss doesn’t just affect us, but the entire industry, and we are nothing compared to larger bands as far as total revenue, but the percentage of loss hits bands of our size much harder than it does a Walmart band. A torrent site should be held accountable for illegal trading of copywritten material…

Most importantly, bands need to do good shit! Be a real band, give a shit about what you are doing, have high standards and quality control and have pride in releasing good material in quality formats.

Read the other two thirds (!) on Greg Puciato’s blog. What a fucking hero.



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