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April 27th, 2011

The new Cave In album, White Silence can’t come soon enough

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It’s been over five and a half years since Cave In released their last album, Perfect Pitch Black but with a three-year hiatus and an EP since then, their fifth album, White Silence cannot come soon enough. It’s released on 24 May 2011 via Hydra Head Records. Cave In have not released a bad album or EP. It’s unlikely that this pattern will change.

Last week the label put ‘Sing My Loves’ up on Soundcloud and at over eight minutes, it’s an awesome amount of music to pique any Cave In fans’ interest. From feedback into heavy riffing into Steven Brodsky’s familiar, mournful voals, ‘Sing My Loves’ has got a deep, dark, almost Neurosis-y vibe. When bassist, Caleb Schofield’s brutal vocals rip through the chorus, the Cave In magic spell is complete.

For anyone that doesn’t know – the Boston legends have influenced every great hardcore band of the past decade. Listen to this:

CAVE IN – Sing My Loves by H.H.R.

You can pre-order White Silence here. You really should.

cave in white silence album 2011 cover packshot thrash hits

Cave In – White Silence tracklisting
White Silence – 2:46
Serpents – 2:52
Sing My Loves – 8:18
Vicious Circles – 3:19
Centered – 3:00
Summit Fever – 4:04
Heartbreaks, Earthquakes – 3:12
Iron Decibels – 4:32
Reanimation – 3:41

Here’s a video to ‘Inspire’ from their 2003 album, Antenna. The whole album is still entirely awesome.



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