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May 19th, 2011

Album: Ingested – The Surreption

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The Surreption
Siege Of Amida
6 June 2011

by Tom Dare

If this was 2008, Ingested’s second album The Surreption would be a sign that British death metal was on the rise once again, and that these twisted bastards were one of the forerunners. So it’s a sign of just how far things have come in the UK in the last few years that you almost worry that an album with this amount of class will get overlooked.

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Ingested are right at the most brutal end of the death metal spectrum – The Surreption is enough to make you bleed out of your eyes, nose and arse, let alone your ears. It’s devastatingly destructive, and the (for death metal) relatively crisp production allows every thudding bass kick and slamming riff hit home while the genuinely vile vocals spew filth at you.

Despite the brutality (I’m not kidding about that bit – this is enough to have your windows rattling even when you’re listening on headphones at a tolerable volume) Ingested seem aware that even the most extreme shit needs some memorable riffs underpinning it, and are capable enough to include them. On top of this, there are some nice technical touches, particularly in the squealing Cannibal Corpse-esque pinched harmonics, that accentuate the granite-slab impact of the low-register rhythm parts.

Watch Ingested dicking around in the studio during the recording of The Surreption:

It may be slightly separated from the very pinnacle of what’s happening right now by the problems that frequently afflict their approach to the atonally gruesome, but The Surreption fairs better than most with its hideous sense of fun. This deserves investigating even with the British extreme scene having come on so far, and in a year rapidly turning to blood-splattered gold for this kind of thing.

Inevitably with this kind of uber-destructive stuff, variety can be a bit of a problem and the attention can wander later on, but essentially The Surreption is a fine outing. If you like your death metal rhino-buggering powerful and ocean liner-sinking heavy, don’t overlook Ingested. Depravity of this kind needs encouraging.


Sounds like: Suffocation, Immolation, Cannibal Corpse
Top tracks: Crowning The Abomination, The Consequence, Castigation And Rebirth

Ingested – The Surreption tracklisting:
Crowning The Abomination
The Consequence
A Coming Unperceived
The Disgusting Revelation
Castigation And Rebirth
Manifesting Obscenity
The Alpha



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