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May 4th, 2011

Album: Revoker – Revenge For The Ruthless

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Revenge For The Ruthless
Roadrunner Records
02 May 2011

by Randy Roper

We are massive fans of alliteration here at Thrash Hits. That’s why I was given the latest Roadrunner Records band, Revoker’s new album Revenge For The Ruthless to review. I’ll be well pissed off if my laptop keyboard runs out of Rs by the end of this Rticle. Yeah, punch me now. Please.

It’s nice that they’ve signed to Roadrunner because they sign like a musical melange of all the best stuff on that label. It’s got some vaguely industrial tinges a la Rob Zombie and all Phil Anselmo’s different vocals – the ones found in his Lamb Of God years as well as some of the less thrashy stuff Machine Head left off the last couple of albums. It’s a mix of three (or four) great bands. They are nice reference points for when you’re wondering where you heard that bit before.

Revoker Revenge For The Ruthless Roadrunner Records 2011 Thrash Hits

Also, they’re Welsh! How many times have you heard that little old Wales is a hotbed of metal talent? Fine. Let’s fucking patronise the sheep shagging, leek munching, province inhabiting cunts a little bit more then…

Bullet For My Valentine are a massive Welsh metal band who have some pretty good riffs but some terrible lyrics. If the shit lyrics and familiar riffs thing is a surefire way to success, then Revoker have got it bloody made. I’d like to distance them from the Welsh mafia thing but they got Skindred’s Benji Webbe to record the album. It sounds great, FYI.

The album kicks off chaotically with some weird repeated yells and a flatline and a big fat fucking riff (BFFR). ‘Time To Die’ lays the benchmark for great riffs and choruses to mosh to and shit lyrics to never take to heart. Yeah. It’s not big or clever but there’s more mindless fun here than a hundred Dream Theater records put together. The frantic drums and grunted “OI!”s of ‘Stay Down’ slip into another BFFR. It’s a tried and tested method and Revoker use it often.

Jamie Mathias’ cookie monster growl grumbles along throughout the record but he does mix very pleasant regular singing in equal measure. There’s enough to shouting for you to know that he is really angry but enough singing for you to know he can actually sing as well. Try the slower song, ‘Cold Embrace’, for instance. It’s got a proper lighters aloft, arms in the air type of chorus but the breakdown doesn’t make you want to hug him at all. He’d definitely eat your biscuits.

It would be stupid to say that having good lyrics isn’t important. It’s important to maintain standards and nobody has ever held either a moron or a child up as a hero (they probably have but don’t you fucking dare try and correct me). We all want our favourite bands to heroes. If they can start writing lyrics that aren’t utter guff… who knows?

It’s fucking awesome that Roadrunner Records have finally taken a punt on some promising British metal but the stuff Revoker have churned out with Revenge For The Ruthless is more recycled aluminium than brutally crafted steel. Remember that cars are made out aluminium because it will last longer, just don’t expect said car to say anything of any importance.


Sounds like: Rob Zombie, Lamb Of God, Machine Head
Top tracks: Stay Down, Cold Embrace, The Great Pretender
Guitar solo rating:


Revoker – Revenge For The Ruthless tracklisting
Time To Die
Stay Down
All Rise
Hate Inside
Cold Embrace
The Great Pretender
Nature Of The Beast
Don’t Want It
Not To Be Moved
Born To Be An Outlaw



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