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May 23rd, 2011

Future Hits 081: Cult Cinema

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Cult Cinema
From: London, UK
Lazy Equation: Swedish hardcore + Norwegian black metal x actually from England
URL: //

Thrash Hits Verdict:
We were rather impressed by the ferocious hardcore of Cult Cinema when we saw them at one of their first ever gigs in April so we thought we’d better ask them some stuff. This is what we said when they played at the Purple Turtle:

“It’s one of Cult Cinema’s first ever shows. It will not be one of their last. Death metal vocals with a hardcore/rock band really does work especially with the relentless intensity that they add to their live show. Who knew? They did, obviously. Snazzy name too. They’re ones to watch out for again. This may be largely due to the singer spending the whole set on the floor rather than on the stage but hey ho.”

Describe your sound in 3 words
“Vomit inducing misery”…haha our producer, John Rees, described it as an “absolute misery”. Its a very erratic and emotional sound, not everyone will get it and for some it will a bit too much which is fine. We have the characteristics of a good 1980s horror film.

How did you meet?
Myself and Paul have been friends for years. We always talked about starting a band but we were in different bands at the time and things didn’t work out. I was in The Hurt Process and Paul was in London hardcore band, Taking Names. When our time freed up we started Cult Cinema, obviously drafting in our friends Noah, Trev and Nick. Trev played bass in Taking names, Noah played in post-hardcore group Zyllah and Nick is pretty new to all of this.

What made you want to start a band?
We like writing songs but playing live is the pinnacle of everything for us. It probably sounds cheesy but it’s a life-affirming thing to share music with other people and we never take that for granted. We also wanted to start a band that fully represents our musical tastes.

Where did the name come from?
I have these original 1979 Dawn of the Dead action figures. “Cult cinema collection,” is written on the boxes… I took it from there.

What are your musical influences?
Neurosis, Breach, Zao, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Fugazi, Burzum, Dakthrone, Cursed, His Hero is Gone, Orchid, Amanda Woodward, Sonic Youth, Integrity, Sick of it All, Megadeth, Soundgarden. Lots and lots of stuff! We try to be as old school as possible with our approach to the music. When you listen to our debut EP you will hear a raw, passionate and aggressive sound – we’re aiming for a different kind of ‘heavy’. We try to get that from all these old school bands we listen to like Sonic Youth and Neurosis, everything just sounds real. We’re also inspired by all those bands and musicians that really have their own distinctive vibe and identity – like when you listen to someone great like Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Depeche Mode, or Nick Cave to take a few examples – you hear it and you know exactly who you’re listening to, you can’t copy that vibe, although people try anyway. We look up to amazing bands like that and we definitely try to emulate that raw approach, focusing on the whole thing and trying to make something that’s real. I don’t listen to a lot of the new metal bands, some of it just sounds like beer commercials, overproduced and generic. Its difficult to distinguish these days, I have totally lost the plot in trying to figure out what band is supposed to be talented or not. That said, there are some amazing ‘new’ bands around like Kvelertak, Dweller and letlive., although its getting harder finding these bands.

So far, what has been the best thing about being in a band?
I guess for me personally its about playing shows, its always been the best thing about being in a band. I like the idea of a travelling circus and being in a band is like a circus… I love the travel and meeting new people.

With which band would your dream tour be?
Maybe Breach or Fugazi? It would have to be a tour package, haha.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
I have no idea… One Belgian promoter told me that he has no idea where we fit in. I take that as a compliment.

What’s the best or funniest show you’ve played?
I played a show in Paris on a small boat. The boat was tilted so everyone would automatically move to the right. I love playing shows in Belgium and Germany they are the best shows…I have ended up in many a A&E departments in mainland Europe.

What was the Pianos Become The Teeth gig like?
We played just one show with Pianos in London – they were great. All the bands were quite different that night but there was a really good atmosphere.

What other band should everyone find out about?
Everyone should check out Dweller from Scotland. They will make the hardest man cry. Make sure you take tissues to their shows. If I have to describe their sound I would say: “funeral music”.

Tell us a joke.
Nick Clegg

Cult Cinema have just finished recording an EP titled Iscariot which is produced by John Rees and Magnus Lindberg of Cult Of Luna. We’ve listened to it several times now and it’s ruddy brilliant. Best of luck on the bidding war because whichever label picks this lot up are onto a winner. Look out for live dates but go listen to The Betrayer on their Facebook in the meantime.


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