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May 13th, 2011

Live: Skindred @ London Kentish Town Forum – 07 May 2011

Skindred 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

You know what we think about Skindred by now. You know what every sane person who has ever seen them thinks about them live as well. Or if you don’t, you really need to find out. Because they still kick the living shit out of practically every live band in Britain right now.

Six things we learned when Skindred played The Forum:

1) Chiodos are fucking shite. Maybe it’s just the way that most of them are bare-footed and prancing about like spanners, but they look more like people posing in front of the mirror trying to look cool than a band performing in front of a decent crowd. Their music’s bollocks as well.

2) You know how good we said Union Black was? It’s even better live. ‘Cut Dem‘ and ‘Guntalk‘ slide straight in with the older favourites like ‘Stand For Something‘.

3) No matter how painfully middle-class you are, it’s pretty much impossible not to throw shapes like a massive pillock to Skindred when they’re on stage. For this reason, you should never allow your mates to take cameras to Skindred shows.

4) Red top hats are fucking cool, as are massive Flavor Flav clock pendants and Adidas tracksuits. Or at least they are when Benji Webbe is wearing them and getting you to make an enormous arse out of yourself and not care even slightly. If we tried to wear them, even people that really like us would tell us we looked like wankers. This is yet another reason why Benji Webbe is much better than us.

5) If you’re as good at controlling a crowd as this band, it is possible to get two thousand-odd metalheads to dance the robot. What’s even more strange is that each of them will think it’s the best idea ever. Even if they’re not totally shitfaced.

6) If you play Nobody Does It Better‘ by Carly Simon after Skindred have played, thousands of very sweaty, shirtless men will throw their arms around each others’ shoulders and start singing along lustily. And people say that metal isn’t homoerotic…

Skindred @ London Kentish Town Forum setlist
Roots Rock Riot
Set It Off
Rude Boy for Life
Doom Riff
State of Emergency
Trouble (With a partial cover of Metallica’s Sad But True)
Calling All Stations
Living A Lie
Selector (Intro included part of Tinie Tempah’s song Pass Out)
Cut Dem
Rat Race
The Fear
Gun Talk
Destroy the Dancefloor
Stand for Something
[Only Girl (In the World) (Rihanna song)]



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