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May 16th, 2011

Live: Soilent Green + Dripback @ Camden Underworld – 05 May 2011

Soilent Green promo photo thrash hits

It’s been over a decade since Soilent Green last performed on these shores and in that time they’ve gone from being a band in their own right to the side-project of a side-project. With Jimmy Bower so busy with Down, Eyehategod haven’t had too much time to tour – meaning that Brian Patton has had even less time for Soilent Green. Not to forget Ben Falgoust keeping busy fronting Goatwhore. We thought we’d go and rock out to Soilent Green while we had the chance…

Six things we learned when Soilent Green played Camden Underworld:

1) Openers Dripback are actually playing their first ever gig here tonight, which is quite brave. You’d expect most bands to fall flat on their face when supporting such legendary grind/sludge masters, but Dripback are not most bands. In fact this London-based supergroup manage to pummel seven shades of shit out of an unexpecting crowd without even breaking a sweat.

2) Stylistically, Dripback turn out to be the ideal support for a band like Soilent Green. Their sound is somewhere in between the realms of grind, hardcore and death metal – but managing to avoid the usual deathcore clichés. Think Hatebreed covering Dying Fetus and Napalm Death songs, and you wouldn’t be too far off.

3) Did you hear much about this gig before it took place? Chances are you didn’t. Which would explain why there are under 100 people in the Underworld as the headliners come on. You’ve got to feel for Soilent Green, they’re playing the capital on the opening night of their UK tour to a venue which isn’t even a quarter full.

4) Nevertheless, Soilent Green are disgustingly tight tonight: executing each slice of their signature schizophrenic metal with the upmost precision. Brian Patton’s guitar sound is among the beefiest out there, filling the entire room with its dense and potent downtuned filth.

5) Ben Falgoust has got to be one of the most commanding frontmen in metal today. The way he owns every stage he plays on – whether for Soilent Green or Goatwhore – is close to Phil Anselmo territory #SRSLY

6) Soilent Green are easily one of the most innovative bands born out of the NOLA scene. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and playing Generic Blues Riff A, followed by feedback and then Blues Riff B – they chose to explore a maniacal blend of grind, blues and black metal. Bearing in mind that fellow peers Crowbar were able to sell out the Underworld easily, it’s quite frustrating that a severe lack of promotion led to the piss poor turnout tonight. You should have been there. And yes, someone should really have told you.

Soilent Green @ Camden Underworld 05/05/11 setlist
Mental Acupuncture
Blessed in the Arms of Servitude
Build Fear
For Lack of Perfect Words
All this Good Intention Wasted in the Wake of Apathy
It Was Just an Accident
Numb Around the Heart
In the Same Breath
Gagged Whore
Sewn Mouth Secrets



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