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May 18th, 2011

MOVIE TIP: Andrew W.K. on Westerns, the new Batman, Facebook vs Twitter & Los Angeles

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Last week we talked to the Andrew W.K. about taking the piss out of guys who stutter, crying at films and cutting his own arm off. None of that was weird at all but this time, at a time when they’re in the middle of filming The Dark Knight Rises, we talk about Anne Hathaway’s intense face, the virtues of Twitter over Facebook and Andrew’s aversion to Los Angeles. CRAZY TALK!

What do you think about Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle and Catwoman in the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises?

“She has a very intense face. Her mouth is almost twice the size of what I’d say is an average person’s mouth is and then her eyes are also quite large but her face is actually quite small. It’s a very subtle but powerful looking visage.

“When it comes to actresses or female actors there’s a certain smile. It’s called a 12 point smile or a 20 point smile – it’s the number of teeth a person can see when you smile. For example, someone like Julia Roberts, you can see all her teeth all the way into the back of her mouth. Cameron Diaz, you can see all the way into the back and sides of her teeth. Anne Hathaway’s another example.

“My goal is to get a 60 point smile even if I have to add extra teeth or strip my mouth out. I want 60 teeth showing.”

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Trent Reznor won an Oscar for the score to The Social Network. Are you a fan of Facebook?

“I held off for a very long time because it’s very complex and in-depth compared to something like Twitter which is very one-dimensional and is easier for me to manage when I’m talking with many people but at the same time, I understand the brilliance.

“I never thought that after the internet was really embraced and became part of everyday life that these sort of websites would be successful. I thought everyone would build their own website with their own domain name and create it however they wanted but this formatted homepage became such a popular idea. This just exploded and became the thing everyone had. The internet got so massive and there are so many things you can do that it was easier to have one website that does all the basic stuff that you would wanna do.”

Are you a fan of Westerns?

“I never used to be. They were always on TV when I was growing up and they were just boring. Nothing was happening; there was whistling wind and these long unmoving landscape shots with a huge blue sky and it just went on… and on… and on.

“I really didn’t like anything about it but then years later when I met one of my guitar players, Frank, he introduced me to all kinds of stuff like Seinfeld and hot sauce and lizards and spiders. He’s a very wise guy and he loved westerns and he forced me to sit down and watch the early Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns and they just blew my mind.

“Then I remembered I loved Unforgiven and then I was able to appreciate all the little qualities that make westerns what they are, like the long shots and the silence. It’s a unique discipline and it’s nice that just like in music there are different styles that you can work in and you can get to all sorts of different feelings and emotions through whatever style you choose. Just about any style of music can take you there and with movies too you’ll find a regimented style like a western and still tell the whole story of human existence if you wanted to.”

Is there any type of movie that you dislike?

“There are certain movies that are set in Los Angeles that I’m just put off by, right off the bat. No matter what the story is or who the characters are, just because of that setting. It’s not Hollywood or Downtown, it’s the type of LA lifestyle found in The Kids Are Alright. Other movies that I think are like that are called Laurel Canyon with Frances McDormand [Another Lisa Cholodenko movie – LA movie expert ed] and then Greenberg, that Ben Stiller movie.

“I like Ben Stiller a lot but this… I’m just not interested in this world. There’s certain ways that I want to spend my time and certain places that I want to let my mind go and others that I don’t think are worth going to. One of the places I don’t want to go is the day-to-day lives of these people living in Los Angeles. Maybe I’m just still trying to get away from where I was born.”

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