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May 2nd, 2011

MOVIE TIP: Andrew W.K. talks Black Swan’s brutality and the cosmic ideals of Back To The Future

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Last time we chatted to Andrew W.K. about films, he was contemplating an alternative career as an actor. He’d be a good gym teacher. After a break for Christmas we got back on the Skype to Andrew and talked about more films. This time we got onto the weird (Black Swan) and the wonderful (Back To The Future!).

What did you make of Black Swan?

“My wife, Cherie Lily, doesn’t want to see that because she hasn’t been a fan of brutal movies and I understand that. She watched Requiem For A Dream and afterwards just felt, “What was the point of going through this?” It was very brutal and very upsetting and it’s true in a way because anyone can make a movie that makes you feel any number of different ways just in the same way you can have all kinds of different music with different moods. Horror movies, suspense movies and painful dramas – the type that Darren Aronofsky – makes are all very, very intense and very, very dark and so I wanna see it on my own.

“I love his movies and that dark mood and going into those places. I think it’s amazing and he gets incredible performances out of everybody.”

Cherie is a dancer. Surely she can relate to Black Swan in some way?

“She has hung out with dancers in New York. It’s very competitive and it’s not about being fun or being nice. From what I understand – and it makes sense – it’s very cutthroat and a very hardcore way to make a living. It’s brutal on your body as well, so she relates to it in that way but I don’t know anyone who’s chosen that path as a professional artist for dance. How many gigs can you find, y’know?”

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Natalie Portman is dressed all in white, just like you, and then wears all black at the end. What would the black version of Andrew W.K. be like?

“I actually do wear all black a lot of the time. I didn’t really do it consciously I just realised that with all these clothes that I have, I was choosing to wear black when I wasn’t wearing my whites. It just feels good that it balances things back out. I was always into Spy Vs Spy and Black & White like anybody. In terms of the attitude, I guess that when I’m wearing all black I wouldn’t necessarily be doing high kicks – maybe lower, mid-level kicks. He’s just a different sort… it’s a darker party. It’s a party that someone never imagined could be a party… but it still is.”

Black Swan is showing this week at Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square in London. Big screen, cheap tickets. Do it.

What is your favourite film of the Back To The Future trilogy?

“I really like the second one where he goes into the future. I liked the way the future looked and I liked the way the past looked in both of them but the future to me was more exciting. The idea of flying skateboards and three dimensional movie posters for Jaws. Things like that, I could barely imagine but it seemed very believable at the same time which is what made that movie so thrilling is it really rode this line between completely preposterous and somehow believable enough to at least engage you as a viewer.”

If they made a fourth Back To The Future film, where do think they would go?

“Maybe into an alternative dimension outside of time because they claim that there are these other special dimensions. This is involving quantum theory and string theory and it’s possible. There’s three spatial dimensions – up and down, side to side and front to back – but there’s also time where you can locate any point in reality based on the height, the east to west the back and forth and the time. It’s very weird to imagine other spatial dimensions at all!”

Where would you time travel to?

“Part of me would love to go to the future to see what will happen but I’m also scared to see what would happen. I’m very interested in this idea of the singularity where technology reaches a threshold of development and progress where essentially human civilisation is torn apart and put back together again in one fell swoop and I would like to see that. You and I, based on some people’s predictions, should live to see this by 2045 or so. What would it be like to go into the future of 10,000 years? I would be interested in that and as long as I could get back, I’d definitely be interested in getting back maybe even a million years and see something more prehistoric.”

If time travel is invented, why has nobody returned from the future to win the lottery? Is it because time travel will never exist or is it because money will have no consequence?

“I love the idea of money being of no consequence as an answer as to why nobody has come back so far but there’s also that rule about interfering with the past and if there are people who have come back or if they are coming back that they are so discreet so as not to disturb the order of things that may interfere with their existence in the future.

“There’s also the possibility that they either have very good ethics. Maybe someone that is very smart – a scientist who is developing this is someone who I would say would have pretty favourable ethics and wouldn’t necessarily be the kind of person who would gamble or abuse this invention.

“The other idea is that there are parallel universes and that when you go back in time, you’re not going back in time to the same version of reality but another version of reality that was happening simultaneously so that means we might not see anybody because there’s an almost infinite number of places where they could go.”

Previously, Andrew has spoken about Harry Potter and date movies and Bill & Ted’s various journeys as well as creepy child actors and Twilight but started off dreaming about hot actresses (including Bella Swan). It’s all very interesting and very, very cool, and you can go and read all of them.

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